Cupcake Oatmeal Bowls

Cupcake Oatmeal Bowls

If you have been a reader around here for a while, then you probably already know that we love everything with sprinkles and sparkles and with a generous dose of frosting. So when I was thinking about ways to infuse a little magic into our breakfasts, I knew I had to make something that included […]

Lemon Lime Beergarita

Lemon Lime Beergarita

Can we just agree there’s nothing better than an ice cold margarita in a hot day? I’m pretty sure I could just drink margaritas for the rest of my life and be happy but during the hot Summer months that feeling goes up by a 100%, it’s like all I crave are refreshing drinks garnished […]

Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe

There’s something incredibly delicious about using fresh produce and ingredients to make something from scratch. This Raspberry Ice Cream is not an exception it’s creamy, packed with flavor and so mouthwateringly good that you’ll want to make it and eat it every day. For me, the secret to the punch of flavor is using fresh […]

27 Inspiring Pizza Recipes


We all have incredibly different food preferences, but if there’s one staple everybody loves, it is definitely pizza! Of course, there are the classic Italian combinations and then some more that have become popular over time, but pizza is way more versatile than that. Have you ever eaten a pizza with peaches and prosciutto? It’s […]

3 Simple Dips You Must Try With Chips

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If you are ever looking for the perfect dip to go with that chip but don’t have a lot of time on your hands; we’ve come to help. Whether you are looking for the perfect appetizer to entertain or gearing up for the Super-Bowl, we rounded up our favorite simple dips that go great with […]