What is too much for a babies room..


I found this gorgeous print the other day and as I started putting different pieces together with it the thought crossed my mind… is this too much for a babies room? The foliage and colors are beautiful… it’s just the skull… I couldn’t decide. As I found more finishes though the more I thought, my […]

When you find the perfect piece //..


Brought to you by Dawnelle from Just Dawnelle Sometimes you find a piece that you can’t get out of your mind. It doesn’t matter what it might be… you can’t stop thinking about it! That my friends is how I have been feeling about this piece from Ash and Anchor. The pattern is to die […]



If I were throwing a garden party, which I would totally love to do and can’t waaaaait to do actually when my backyard no longer looks like a jungle and my deck isn’t completely covered in splinters (We are getting there… we totally moved into a complete fixer-upper with constant projects.) I think I need […]

Design Time: Love Gray

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.35.54 PM

Written with love by | Chelsea| It’s been quite a while since my last design inspiration post, which is kind of surprising since I feel like I can’t get away from home decor lately. We are in a mad rush to finish up our painting/designing of the house before school starts back up and I […]

The Search for a Side Table


Side tables have seriously become the bane of my existence these days. I’m constantly on the search for the little buggers and can I just tell you… trying to find one that is under $100 but still makes a serious statement is ridiculously difficult. But… it isn’t impossible! I have found quite a few that […]