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With Fall beginning, that means one thing for sure – layers. And with layers, comes your chance to be versatile + creative! Being creative with statement pieces really allows you to play around when putting together everyday outfits. Letting you dress up or down with just a little out of the box thinking, Im•bue is a company […]

Design Time: Eclectic

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Written with love by | Chelsea |   I feel like my design style falls somewhere in between Rustic-Eclectic-Vintage-Chic. My house is almost 100 years old, so modern doesn’t really work out (although that is definitely more my husbands style), and vintage works perfectly. But I also love mixing in rustic things…maybe it’s the Texas […]

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May Designs Collage 2

From the closet of Rebecca of Mommy in Heels I will be the first to admit I am a sucker for stationary and anything and everything that goes along with it. I could spend hours in a store like Staples, or even Barnes and Noble. TJ Maxx? You can find me in the aisle with […]

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Guest Post by: Stephen Reynolds Fabulous Cupcakes for Fall & the Holidays The smell of bonfire is in the cool crisp air, leaves are starting to turn gorgeous hues of orange, brown, yellow and red – autumn has arrived. That beach body diet you kept up with all summer long can take a long hiatus […]