cupcakeMAG Loves: Mint by Noel

mint by noel 3

Sisters, Kelly Noel Juan and Nikki Noel are creator directors and owners of MINT by Noel. Founded in 2013, MINT by Noel was a long time dream for the two sisters. Born in California, Kelly and Nikki stem from a long line of artist with their family ranging from painters, sculptors, and photographers. The sisters […]

cupcakeMAG Loves: Hip Honey Bee

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Full of sparkle and custom jewelry, Hip Honey Bee is a fabulous place to ogle some beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and accessories! about hip honey bee Hip Honey Bee is a lifestyle family blog and shop inspired by my life, style and raising my daughter Waverly. We are a small little company of just a husband […]

cupcakeMAG Loves: Little Miss Fair.. 4

As a mama, we have all learned that teething jewelry is one of those must have items to keep your babe happy and entertained. Since we will be wearing it all the time, it also needs to be stylish, right? That is why we love Little Miss Fairytale! Her line of teething jewelry is absolutely […]

cupcakeMAG Loves: Sammy’s Fa.. 8

Your new go-to spot for fabulous jewelry, handbags, scarves, accessories, and more – Sammy’s Fab Jewelry is an institution! About Sammy’s Fabulous Jewelry I’m Elisa, and I’m the Vice President of Sammy’s Fabulous Jewelry. We are a family-owned and operated business since 1935. Sammy’s Fabulous Jewelry is made up of me, my parents; Howard and […]

cupcakeMAG Loves: Journey Lockets

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With gorgeous and classic jewels, Journey Lockets has found a way to carry the ones you love close to your heart every day! We were enamored with Jocelyn’s creations immediately and knew you’d love them too! Meet Journey Lockets Hi! I’m Jocelyn the founder of Journey Lockets. I started Journey Lockets in 2008 after I […]