Littlest Prince Couture Giveaway!

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The idea for Littlest Prince Couture started almost exactly four years ago, as I brought my brand new baby – a BOY – home from the hospital. I quickly realized that clothing choices, especially for special occasions – were extremely limited. I started making my own clothes for my little prince, and got a few […]

Small Business Spotlight // Lavend..


Lavender & Lace Co. My name is Krista Osborne and I am the owner of Lavender & Lace Co. I create empowering and silly prints as well as graphic tees for moms and littles. I started my company as a way to express my creativity and make pretty things for people while being able to […]

Small Business Spotlight // Bellef..

Holding Bellefit

Bellefit Maternity Bellefit Maternity was founded in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2008 when a young mother was undergoing her 3rd C-section and after two challenging postpartum recoveries she still hadn’t found a high-quality garment to help compress her abdomen for support. Long story short, Bellefit Girdles were created and the young mother was finally able […]

Small Business Spotlight // Hole i..

8.4 A @holeinherstocking

Hi! My name is Jenny and I am the owner and designer behind Hole In Her Stocking Designs. From a young age I always enjoyed making jewelry and doing all types of crafting thanks to my creative mother and grandmother. Several years ago I opened an Etsy shop, Hole In her Stocking Designs, and began […]