S’more Hot Chocolate

With Fall already here I just can’t take my mind off all the delicious things I want to whip up to celebrate it. From apple pies, to anything pumpkin related to hot and comforting mugs of delicious drinks. My favorite so far is this S’more Hot Chocolate recipe that’s jam-packed with all the delicious flavors we crave in this season.


First, this tastes like a real big and fluffy s’more. It will instantly take you back to bonfire nights roasting marshmallows and to sticky fingers and cracker crumbs. Needless to say, this is a total crowd favorite recipe, and I found myself making it for the past couple of Saturday nights.


Second, this recipe is super easy and super quick to whip up which is one of my total favorite things! I mean I don’t know about you, but when I’m craving an s’more hot chocolate, chances are I’m craving it right now. SO I especially appreciate that this is one of those quick recipes that you can have ready in a couple o f minutes.


But back to the punch of flavor because that’s what makes the s’more hot chocolate so good I can’t contain myself from making it again and again. We are getting all the punch of deliciousness from the marshmallow fluff we are adding to the mix.


Most hot chocolate recipes only ask you to top your chocolate with mini marshmallows, and while this is delicious and something that I actually do with this one as well the secret to the extra s’more flavor is fluff. That + adding real chocolate to the mix as opposed to only cocoa powder. The result is this incredibly thick and velvety hot chocolate that’s just to die for.


S’more Hot Chocolate


4 Cups milk

½ Cup sugar

½ Cup cocoa powder

1 Cup chocolate chips

½ Cup grated chocolate

½ Cup marshmallow fluff

1 Cup vanilla cookies, crushed

Drizzle chocolate syrup

Marshmallows to garnish



Boil the milk, add the chocolate chips, and half of the grated chocolate.

Stir until melted.

Turn off the heat and add the marshmallow fluff. Combine.

Place one layer of cookies at the bottom of cups.

Pour the chocolate until ¾ filled.

Top with the marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and grated chocolate.

Serve and enjoy.


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