Witty and fun-loving tees for men and women from Rollick Threads + a giveaway!


ROLLICK means to live in a lively or jovial way. That is how Lyndsay of Rollick Threads lives her life. Life to her is too short to not laugh daily. She started to look for fun tees that she could wear to make others smile while she was out and about. When she couldn’t find any fun tees that fit her fun-loving, sarcastic, and sometimes witty personality she decided to follow her dream and opened Rollick Threads 6 months ago.


Rollick Threads took off quicker than she could of imagined.  Just this month Rollick Threads launched their new Men’s line. Lyndsay is so excited to be able to make and design tees for both men and women.

image1 (3)

She has one goal in mind to make comfy, high-quality, fun-loving tees that everyone can enjoy, and to bring smiles to those we pass each day.


Lyndsay loves what she does and can’t wait to share her quirkiness and love of tees with everyone.  She always says: “I’m just trying to make people smile one tee at a time.”

To see more of Rollick Threads follow them on Instagram @rollickthreads.

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Photos by:
Leslie McCleery Photography
Instagram: @lesliemccleeryphotography     

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20 responses to “Witty and fun-loving tees for men and women from Rollick Threads + a giveaway!”

  1. Megan B Avatar
    Megan B

    I love the “Raising Wild Things” tee or Feelin Strong tank.

  2. Amy C. Avatar
    Amy C.

    Cute shirts! My favorite is the “It’s too peopley out here” shirt

  3. Raine Avatar

    It’s a very hard choice. My introvert side loves the “It’s too ‘peoplely’ Out Here” tee. I can’t decide between the Hip Hop Boombox and the Lay-Z as my other choice. All three!!!

  4. Sheri Anderson Avatar
    Sheri Anderson

    I’m going with the SUMMER LOVIN w/ coral writing, very fun, thanks!

  5. Lynne Avatar

    I would get my sister-in-law’s Christmas gift super early…….the I’m in need of Vitamin Sea t-shirt is perfect for her.

  6. Tara Peterson Avatar
    Tara Peterson

    Love the raising wilds shirt. Also love the Preggers shirt too since I just found out I’m expecting again!

  7. Darlene Owen Avatar
    Darlene Owen

    If I won I would love the SUMMER LOVIN w/ coral writing tee shirt

  8. Alisa Christianson Avatar
    Alisa Christianson
  9. abigail Avatar

    I’d love an HOLA tee for myself and a Cool Bunny Tee for my son

  10. latanya Avatar

    I like the Nice Rack tank

  11. I love the GOOD VIBES ONLY tee!

  12. Ashley Avatar


  13. Cathleen King Avatar
    Cathleen King

    I like “Maybe Swearing Will Help”.

  14. Dagmar Avatar

    I love the Pineapple Burnout Tank

  15. Holly Thomas Avatar
    Holly Thomas

    Chillin With My Peeps is one shirt I would get.

  16. alona y Avatar
    alona y

    I’d love the FEELIN’ SASSY tee and the I’ve Got Flex Appeal Tank.

  17. I love the “Good Vibes Only”.

    XOXO – Hello Ashley Suzanne

  18. Nancy Avatar

    I might get the Too Peopply Out Here and the Whatever I’m Getting a Taco T-shirts.

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