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Now ya know I love me a good vintage tee, but my love for vintage has newly grown much deeper. In decorating my new apartment I wanted to take my time & not just throw things up on the walls (like I’ve done in the past), I finally learned that whole waiting for the right time lesson.

I knew I wanted a comfortable vintage country living room (if that’s a thing) so when I discovered VintageDictionaryArt it was love at first sight (or site)! Not only am I already in awe with dictionary pages as they are – I’d frame them alone but VintageDictionaryArt prints images on actual dictionary paper!! Just about the most chic design fathomable.

Not only do they print images, but offer such a variety with totally affordable pricing! From Jimi Hendrix to a Starfish, The Eiffel Tower to The Sternum & Heart…keep in mind not one of these over $10!

Here is a look into my living room – my musical inspirations to a tee. We have Johnny Cash, B.B. King & my all time love, Jimi Hendrix.




To nail the whole vintage thing entirely – I took my time finding the right frames. Now I mean time, like a month. I was so indecisive about all the frames I came across – until I found these, I knew they were the perfect fit. Oh and not to mention they were at the thrift store! Together all coming in under $15!


I recently added my cardtorial into this wall as well! Love natural wood mixed together with any spread!

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