The Modern Mama’s Guide: Nursery to Toddler Room Design

The Modern Mama’s Guide: Nursery to Toddler Room Design

How-To create a sophisticated space that will appeal to your child as much as you

By Creative Directors of Widell Designs + Babytalk Designers Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti

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Hey Mamas!

Thankfully, nowadays, traditional children’s colors of pink and blue are no longer the etiquette for cool kids rooms. The modern nursery or toddler room is gender neutral, mixing unexpected textures, clean lines, and artwork to create a space that is as unique and fun as they are.

The 5 MUST have pieces that can help transition a nursery into a toddler room are:

  1. THE BED  

Whether choosing a toddler bed (which has a limited time span of use) or a single bed, it’s important to select something that feels fun, grown up and will make your little one excited for bedtime! In my opinion, a toddler bed is well worth the investment. Not only for the excitement your child will feel sleeping in it during the younger years, but also for the older years when it can be used as a cool storage area for toys or a seating area for playrooms. In addition, it can ultimately be handed down to subsequent children for additional years of use.

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This can be anything from furry throw pillows, blankets, or rugs. Their comfy touch is perfect for gentle skin. Delicate fabric and surfaces make the space inviting for curling up with a book or puzzle or simply playing on the floor with their toys. A soft area rug or carpeting is a must.

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That shows that it is not a baby’s room anymore. Traditionally, kids room have been littered with pink or blue paintings of giraffes, cartoon ducks, and teddy bears. This artwork is entirely outdated. Instead, select something unexpected and interesting. Wallpaper or an accent wall is also a fun addition to add color and personality.

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As babies turn to toddlers and toddlers turn to children their collection of toys and books will continue to grow. Having appropriate storage for all of these toys will help keep the room looking clean, fresh and organized. Whether it happens to be an antique wooden armoire, a modern white lacquered bookshelf, or some simple white or grey felt baskets on the floor, storage is ESSENTIAL!

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Like a tepee, fort, large doll house, mini kitchen… a make believe element or little hideaway to add some magic to their space.

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Some key takeaways for parents making the investment to redecorate a room for their toddlers


  • A gender neutral room will allow parents to use the pieces for longer as the children grow up, add additional siblings and possibly even use the pieces elsewhere in the home.
  • Look for furnishings that serve more than one purpose, that will grow with the child or that can be put to use in another room later on – especially when you’re dropping a wad of cash. Good long-term investments include a bassinet that transforms into a toy basket, a crib that turns into a toddler bed, or a rocking chair/reading chair that you can pull into the living room once your rock-a-bye days are done.

Want some help with the transition?

Fantastic! We offer our Babytalk Virtual Design service for only $350. The package includes one on one from our designers Barette + Christina where they will help you to transform your current space into a big kid room OR simply design a nursery that will stand the test of time!

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Till next time, Cupcakes..

Maggie + The Babytalk Design Team



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5 Tips to Transition from a Nursery to a Toddler Room

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