Hi Cupcakes! I’m Ilana Griffo, the designer behind Sugar & Type, a fierce, sassy design studio and stationery shop.


I started my business as a creative outlet to keep me inspired and challenged after graduating with a BFA, and I quickly fell in love with the fast paced world of running my own studio. I love working with my clients one on one to solve their branding and design challenges, and they inspire me to try new things every day.


As a Pen Pal fanatic, creating greeting cards and office supplies makes me giddy. I love finding a balance between a crisp digital design and the beauty of the handmade. Sugar and Type’s office supplies not only look cute, but help you crush your goals, and stay inspired. I believe in having intention behind our products, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish.


I love that I can create tangible art by working with clients on their branding and product design. I love listening to my clients to help bring to life their vision. Having my own shop has been a source of so much fun and exploration, and has led to creating lettering and illustration projects for some really exciting projects. Our best selling product, the Rule The World Planner will release a new edition this summer and we can’t wait to share it with you!


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Use code CUPCAKE15 for 15% off your order in her shop!

Win it!

Use the rafflecopter below to enter to win a Sugar and Type grab bag including a notepad, cards, and notebooks!

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42 responses to “Sugar & Type Feature + Giveaway!”

  1. Diana Cote Avatar
    Diana Cote

    My favorite is the Love Letters (Custom) print. It would be perfect for our home. :)

    1. I came, I read this article, I coeurnqed.

    2. That’s funny this story came up, I recently bought a book out of interest called Apocalypse 2012 and the first chapter is about Mayan calendars and the solar cycle. I’ve been putting off reading it but that kindof sparked my interest again haha.

    3. Great article but it didn’t have everything-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

  2. Taylor Closet Avatar
    Taylor Closet

    I love the chalkboard decal.

  3. Heather S Avatar
    Heather S

    I love the set of 3 field notebooks!

  4. Darlene Owen Avatar
    Darlene Owen

    My favorite is Chalkboard Wall Decal – Chalkboard Art – Chalkboard To Do List – Wall Adhesive – Rectangle Blackboard Decal

  5. Gabby anderosn Avatar
    Gabby anderosn

    My favorite is Chalkboard Wall Decal – Chalkboard Art – Chalkboard To Do List – Wall Adhesive – Rectangle Blackboard Decal

  6. Nancy Avatar

    I like their weekly Planner Pad. It would be helpful.

  7. Marci Avatar

    inspirational jewelry – unstoppable necklace – motivational necklace – gold bar necklace – girl boss necklace – handlettered necklace

  8. Jenny S Avatar
    Jenny S

    The “unstoppable” necklace! Because sometimes people forget and need to be reminded.

  9. DeAnna Keller Avatar
    DeAnna Keller

    Love the stationary and inspirational jewelry – love necklace!

  10. Erika Avatar

    Love the weekly planner pad!

  11. jan Avatar

    I LOVE the chalkboard decal

  12. Rebecca b Avatar
    Rebecca b

    I like the stitched notebooks.

  13. sheri anderson Avatar
    sheri anderson

    I love the Field notes planners, so nice and helpful, thanks!

  14. Alona Y Avatar
    Alona Y

    My favorite is the Mini Notepad for Action Items / Do this Sh*t .

  15. Denise M Avatar
    Denise M

    Love the mini notebook for action

  16. Kellie Avatar

    I love the inspirational jewelry – fearless gold bar necklace !

  17. Tracy Gordon Avatar
    Tracy Gordon

    My favorite is the set of three notebooks.

  18. Loraine Avatar

    Notebook – Field Notes – This and That Sewn Notebook – Stitched Notebook – Bullet Journal – Sketchbook – Gold Foil Notebook – Dotted Version is my fave- I love the pattern, reminds me of a giraffe or some animal

  19. DJ Avatar

    I really like the inspirational jewelry – love necklace.

  20. Dagmar Avatar

    I love the Dachshund Gift lol so cute and funny

  21. Meghan Avatar

    They’re all cute, love the weekly planner though!

  22. Lori Avatar

    i love the fearless necklace!

  23. wen budro Avatar
    wen budro

    I love the chalkboard wall decal. That would be very useful to have at home.

  24. Robin Abrams Avatar
    Robin Abrams

    I like the Notebook – Field Notes – This and That Sewn Notebook – Stitched Notebook – Bullet Journal – Sketchbook – Gold Foil Notebook – Brush Version

  25. Chanda Neak Avatar
    Chanda Neak

    I like the Notebook – Field Notes – This and That Sewn Notebook – Stitched Notebook – Bullet Journal – Sketchbook – Gold Foil Notebook – Brush Version

  26. Sally Gearhart Avatar
    Sally Gearhart

    I seen alot of cute things but my favorite is the
    This and That sewn Journal in the Brush Version! It’s a really lovely journal and I go through a lot of them!

  27. Amy C. Avatar
    Amy C.

    I really like the inspirational necklaces!

  28. Christina C. Avatar
    Christina C.

    I love the Fierce gold bar necklace

  29. Ashley Avatar

    Chalkboard Wall Decal

  30. […] so excited to have been featured over on CupcakeMag earlier this week, and today I’m featured over on Terry Fabrics, what an honor! Be sure to […]

  31. Deb Smith Avatar
    Deb Smith

    I like the Happy Farters Day card

  32. Angela Saver Avatar
    Angela Saver

    My favorite is the Chalkboard Wall Decal – Chalkboard Art – Chalkboard Vinyl – Chalkboard To Do List – Wall Adhesive – Rectangle Blackboard Decal! So hard to pick though…so many cute items!

  33. Why does this have to be the ONLY reiballe source? Oh well, gj!

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  37. Hi Shannon!!!I was just looking around to see what you've done to your cottage, and I can't tell you how impressed I am with all the hard work!!!You guys deserve a round of applause!!!!It's amazing what talent can do. The before pictures made me appreciate all the time and energy it took you to make your home a beautiful retreat from the world.It's lovely!!!!!Pam

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