Spring Infusion

I’m taking a brief step away from my love of all things littles and sharing my love for all things home decor! Here are nine small, springy items that can make a big impact in your home.

Have you been adding any spring to your home yet?

2014 Spring Decor

1. Floral Motif Placemats — These plastic placemats are perfect for outdoor dining or to add a pop of color on your dining room table. Easy to wipe down? Even better.

2. Wooden Bowl — I love the pop of color on these wooden bowls. You can also purchase a larger serving size to match.

3. Yellow Textile Basket — This container would be perfect for gathering magazines or rolled up towels in the guest bathroom.

4. Turquoise Patterned Box — I’d personally put my earrings, rings, and any other small trinkets in this box, but it would be cute with cotton balls or q-tips in it too.

5. Printed Cotton Rug — This woven rug is the perfect size (31″ x 55″) to throw down at the edge of the couch or underneath the kitchen table.

6. Elephant Cushion Cover — How cute is this cover? I love the pop of pink!

7. Floral Dinnerware — While it might not be possible for you to replace your entire dish set with these beauties, you could definitely throw in a dish or too, or maybe a serving piece? I am dying over these.

8. Floral “LOVE” Letters — These letters are cardboard and could easily be hung with command strips or set upon your mantle..and, of course, the floral couldn’t be more springy!

9. Green Glass Jar — Perfect in the bathroom, the kitchen, a centerpiece…perfect anywhere.

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