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Peekawho: Personalized Gifts made Simple!

When Heather and Kelley met at a game night group of friends in 2009, they had no idea that they would eventually become not only great friends, but business partners, too. When her babies were three years old and 6 months old, Heather decided to buy a monogram machine and give a small business a go. So she did-and the Tajima commercial machine lived in her dining room. Fast-forward five years, and another machine, and a move to the basement and an updated studio. … [Read More...]

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Fresh Apparel Tees

Fresh Apparel is about more than tees – the company was started by a Missouri-based mom of two with the goal of bringing cool, realistic style to families everywhere. We do things in rad ways. We have fun. We make fun – of ourselves – and bring a unique perspective to life. Each graphic tee, hoodie, and raglan was designed to capture a moment of family life, to celebrate it and eternalize it. But to look fresh doing so. Shop owner Amanda graduated from Michigan State … [Read More...]

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Friday Apparel: Let Your Clothes do the Talking

One girl. One dream. Four little words: Friday I'm In Love. That's how Friday Apparel was born. Daniela loved designing t-shirts. She got many requests from friends and family to create one-of-a-kind designs that couldn't be found in stores. After so many custom requests, Daniela finally decided to put all that creativity into one place and start her own apparel company: Friday Apparel. After launching in November 2015, people started catching on to the idea of graphic … [Read More...]

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Let’s B Modest

Welcome cupcakeMAG fans to Let's B Modest! Let me show you around my shop for a moment. Let's B Modest started out with the inspiration to help make women and girls wanna wear modest and appropriate clothing. With that, began the journey of Let's B Modest. (Fun Fact: the B in Let's B Modest actually stands for my last name, Beck. Cool huh?!) As an LDS Christian Girl being married to my favorite person in the whole wide world, in the Manti LDS Temple we have to up … [Read More...]


27 Inspiring Pizza Recipes

We all have incredibly different food preferences, but if there's one staple everybody loves, it is definitely pizza! Of course, there are the classic Italian combinations and then some more that have become popular over time, but pizza is way more versatile than that. Have you ever eaten a pizza with peaches and prosciutto? It's one of those combinations that may not make a lot of sense until you actually taste it. Even if you're not a fan of spinach as a pizza topping, … [Read More...]