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Kindred Threads Feature + Giveaway

Hi there!! I am Stephanie, the designer behind Kindred Threads & the sweet little tot pictured is the inspiration. I have been a creator for as long as I can remember and have always had a passion for creating anything! I absolutely love the way that a graphic tee can connect people from all walks of life. Kindred tees are inspired by everyday life with the people, the things, and the music that we love. We incorporate a little humor, a little inspiration, and a … [Read More...]


Her Creative Studio

Hello! I’m Sandra from Her Creative Studio and I create beautiful styled stock photography to use with your website, social media & digital marketing. I’m a Toronto girl, born and raised, now living with my two sweet little girls and my busy, supportive husband. I spent most of my professional life in the printing industry (primarily for print media) and seven of those years loving and nurturing my own brick and mortar print shop before launching my freelance … [Read More...]


Tiny Inspirations

Do you know of a little teething monster? Well, Erica of Tiny Inspirations sure does. It was from having a little teething monster herself that Tiny Inspirations was created to give all moms an option for modern, stylish and safe teething jewelry! Not only do her necklace designs compliment every outfit (from casual to dressy), they work great as nursing necklaces to keep your little babes hands from pinching and pulling on your hair while feeding! Erica uses … [Read More...]


Soul Honey

My name is Abby. I am a young entrepreneur and am the founder of Soul Honey. I started Soul Honey out of my love for words. One of my favorite poets, Atticus, said, "Words live longer than kingdoms." This struck such a chord with me and I became fascinated by quotes. Whether the quote is from an author from hundreds of years ago or an actress from our time, we often remember things people said even more than the things they did. Thus, Soul Honey was born. My … [Read More...]


Rose Marie Jewelry

Hello, All! My name is Lauren, and I am the co-owner of Rose Marie Jewelry, along side my mom, Debbie, who also runs the business with me. It is a true family affair! There hasn't been a time when we weren't creating together, so why not make it a business, right? RMJ started in January 2015. My mom and I wanted to do something together and since we have family that has a successful accessories business, we decided to take a leap of faith. I left my job producing a … [Read More...]