New Mom Must Haves!

We are so excited to share the best New Mom products with you! We’ve been working around the clock to find the hands down best pregnancy products. Drum roll please!!


Starting with my personal favorite, Preggo Leggings. Preggo Leggings are different from all the others. With an adjustable belly band to get the perfect fit for that ever growing belly, great fabric & trendy styles – you cannot go wrong with these beauties. PLUS you can use code PLCUPCAKE20  for 20% off your purchase! 20% is such a killer discount too considering some of their leggings are JUST $35! How great is that?! I’m running back to buy a couple more pairs because I seriously live in them & you will too!

Next up? The Bee & The Fox Co.! A small shop I discovered one sleepless night scrolling through Insta. From their famous Mama Bird tee to Pick Flowers Not Fights – The Bee & The Fox has the chic momma style covered. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Love Your Mother long sleeve too.. and I wore it 3 out of 5 days last week. No. Lie.

Now that I’ve got you dressed… did we even talk about a good nights sleep?! Probably skipped right over it since it is basically unheard of in pregnancy. With all the tossing & turning, can’t sleep on your back, can’t sleep on your belly, can’t do this & definitely can’t do that – the All Nighter Chic Pregnancy Pillow has been a saving grace. Either way you roll there is a super comfy pillow to hold onto and it basically stops the chance of waking up on your back. It is large & in charge but with this belly so am I! My husband is totally used to having a quarter of the bed these days as I’m sure yours is too.

Dealing with those tired eyes, irrational skin & all the things that come your way during pregnancy, I was struggling and searching for another saving grace. Thankfully in my second trimester, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Belli Skincare. A skincare line that is safe and ideal for pregnant & nursing moms! Everyone was always talking about that ‘pregnancy glow’ but like, did I miss it? Or was it that one time when my skin was clear after a full 10 hours of sleep? Oh maybe it was when I got my makeup done by glam squad? Hmm… the pregnancy glow has just not visited me very frequently. Eye rolls. If you are in the same boat, you’ve got to check out Belli! With my combination skin, I was so happy to learn these products worked for me especially since I’ve always had one pricey skincare regimen. The Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash that I cannot imagine pregnancy without is just $22… a third of what my normal face wash is!

Being that this is my first pregnancy, I had all the stereotypical worries. One that really seemed to haunt me? Since I’ve always fought with my skin, for as long as I remember… I thought of course I’ll get dumped on by the stretch mark fairy but you better believe that I’m going to put up a good fight. THANKFULLY, here in my third trimester I have not found one yet, #blessed. I am completely indebted to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion! Nothing fancy here, just what really works. I do use this stuff religiously. Every. single. day. but it’s totally worth it because it really works!

Lastly, we have something fun for you & Daddy-To-Be …and all your family members! This adorable Gender Reveal Kit actually lets you record your baby’s heartbeat at your next sono!! So cool, right?! It even puts the recording into a teddy bear, or stuffed animal of your choice. Plus! Want to wait to your gender reveal to find out your babys sex? No problem! This kit lets your sono tech put the secret safe away so you are just as excited as everyone else when your babe’s sex is revealed!

I hope these products work for you as much as they work for me!

Cheers to a good night sleep… or just to getting comfy on the couch. xx

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