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New Baby Must-HavesI am currently pregnant with baby #3. When I was pregnant with my first, I had his nursery complete by the time I was 27 weeks pregnant. I was R-E-A-D-Y! I had two showers and read every.single article and post about products for baby. I wanted to be minimal but also have everything I could possibly ever need.

Now that I’m less than 3 months away from welcoming baby #3 I have almost nothing ready. We have a carseat to bring baby home from the hospital and drawer full of hand-me-down onesies for the first few weeks. I have a stash of newborn diapers and a few bottles. That’s it. I don’t need anything else….

But there are a few things that I WANT! Things that will make life easier, more beautiful, or more meaningful. Because let’s be honest, baby #3 is going to get some leftovers! I’d love to make new memories and have new (even personalized!) things before baby arrives!

Here are a few of my faves!

1. Little Monkey Designs Growth Chart - I am in love with all of the personalized goodies at Little Monkey Designs, but I’m especially drawn to the growth chart! Because of my husband’s job, we move A LOT. Having a growth chart that can move with us is such a gift. Diane has personalized growth charts for boys, girls, or that are gender neutral (AKA perfect for a family with boys AND girls!)!

2. Little Nugget Co – When I was pregnant with my son I took weekly photos of my growing belly. I’m currently 27 weeks and I’ve taken exactly 3 photos of my belly. The Little Nugget Co app was one of my very first purchases after finding out I was pregnant. I’ve loved the ability to save photos of each of my kids in their own folders in the app. And the doodles are just adorable (and customizable)! This app is available for the iphone in the apple app store.

3. Smiling Tree Toys – I have a feeling that little #3 will not have much that hasn’t already been used by big brother or big sister. Having a personalized toy like these gorgeous ones from Smiling Tree Toys is essential so baby #3 has something special! My favorites are the personalized blocks and the wooden name puzzle.

4. Madeline’s Box – My first two kids were pacifier kids until they were 18-24 months old. Keeping track of pacis is a pain and losing them is the curse of death! These gorgeous and incredibly useful pacifier clips from are incredible. My favorites are the Giraffe and Baby Boy Bundle.

5. Brixton.Phoenix – One thing I did not get to have with my first two was teething jewelry. I’m not sure if it wasn’t as popular or if I was just sleep-deprived, but I missed the boat on these gorgeous and functional necklaces! Mama wears the necklace and while baby is snuggling or playing, baby can chew without worrying about anything harmful. I love this especially because it’s easy – no digging through a huge mom-purse for the teether! My favorite? This one!

6. Star Sacks - Last but not least, sleep sacks from Star Sacks. Mamas know how important sleep is. If baby isn’t sleeping, mama isn’t sleeping! Both of my children loved being swaddled and slept like champions for the most part. I’m praying (HARD!) that this baby is a good sleeper too! But I know we’ll need a sleep sack to make the middle-of-the-night swaddles even easier. Best part about these Star Sacks? They grow with your baby! When your baby is ready to transition from the swaddle, this one transforms and makes that possible by allowing their arms to be free! My daughter is in love with flamingos and this Flamingo Star Sack is my favorite!

I hope you love these products as much as I do! I’d love to hear about some of your favorite new baby must-haves!


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