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Fellow parents – have you ever been frustrated with the lack of wearable, crawling-assist products that actually work for your baby? I feel you. Which is why I created the first pair of crawling leggings for babies and toddlers: the GripStart Leggings™ by ModaBaby.

I created ModaBaby out of a desire to make simple, high-quality clothes that provide practical solutions for some of the challenges babyhood presents. Mobility was a special issue for me – I firmly believe in the importance of crawling and how it assists in a child’s development and self confidence, yet I was constantly anxious about all the slips and falls that would occur when my son was exploring his surroundings, which most often included hardwood floors and other potentially slick surfaces that are often found inside of a home. All of the pants that I would put him in only made the problem worse, and they were quickly worn out with frequent holes in the knees. In thinking about a possible solution, I thought to develop a high-quality, wearable product that helped babies and toddlers have more stability when learning to move about. Hence our signature line, the GripStart Leggings™, which was inspired by watching my son Reese go through the various stages of learning to sit, starting to crawl, and realizing that he could run – and everything in between.

These unique, first of their kind pants help soon-to-be and newly mobile infants and toddlers have a better grip on all kinds of surfaces. With gripper fabric placed on the knee and seat area of the pants, these pants help to ensure that those little legs and bums stay right where babies intend them to be and assists in preventing slips and falls. And unlike other crawling “assist” products and knee pads, they are simply designed, durable, and can be worn as a part of your child’s everyday wardrobe.

In short, I created these leggings to be something that I wanted to buy for Reese that I wasn’t able to find: a stylish, simply designed product made of high quality materials that was practical in its application, and could be worn and washed time after time, kid after kid.

Our GripStart Leggings are proudly made in the USA. The fabric is made with bamboo, which is a highly renewable resource and creates a soft yet incredibly durable fabric. Bamboo is also highly regarded for its natural sweat-wicking abilities, and shows a decreased rate of allergic reactions amongst fabrics, which is perfect for that oh so sensitive baby skin.

The GripStarts are designed to be washed again and again, and remains just as effective as day one. So believe me when I say, these are pants you can trust to hold up to your child’s paces!

Living on a barrier island just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, our lives are full of adventure. Aside from running my own business, I am also in charge of business development for a design and construction management company, plus I love to cook, dance, surf, and take in all the cultural offerings our region has to offer. My husband is also a man of many talents: he’s a veterinarian, farmer, surfer, hunter, fisherman, carpenter, and occasional surfboard shaper. And Reese is right there with us every step of the way. Our lives didn’t slow down once we had a baby, so I created the right pants to withstand the adventure with him. It is my hope that you see some of your own family in ours, and that ModaBaby can be a part of the ride with you!


Katherine Hanson
Founder, ModaBaby


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  1. Amber Ludwig says

    I love the GripStart Leggings™ – Forest Green!! What a cute color!!

  2. molli taylor says

    the grey and black grip start leggings are cute and look really functioal!

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