Malouf Lavender Scented Pillows Will Change Your Life (Plus a Giveaway!)

We’ve got the perfect giveaway to help you celebrate that “extra” hour of sleep! Have you ever been so excited for pillows? You know you are an adult when you get super-excited for amazing, lavender scented king size pillows that are basically heaven. And we mean….heaven scent. Your sleep will never be the same once you experience the love of Malouf.


Today, we have teamed up with the ever so luxurious Malouf to giveaway two sets of THREE Aromatherapy pillows! Yes – there will be two winners and each winner will win three Z pillows… a Calming Lavender, Chamomile & Peppermint! How amazing is that?! We couldn’t be more excited for this exciting giveaway to introduce you to these life-changing pillows. You will never sleep the same again.

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Z Pillows by Malouf Sleep take you to a whole-nother-level of pillow snobbery – yes, that is a thing…which you will soon learn after laying your head on one of these fabulous cushions!

Just a couple features that we adore about Z Pillows? The liquid gel layer that actually captures & distributes body heat for superior cooling of the head and neck (seriously, that good). The infused “dough”, that creates a softer & more supportive memory foam than you can dream of! Infused with real lavender (or whatever scent you chose) for a natural aromatherapy experience.  Seriously – life-changing. Did we say life-changing? 



Check out Malouf Sleep today & enter our giveaway now!! You will not regret this. Believe us, we are seriously dreaming of taking a nap with these pillows right now.

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  1. Brandy (lynn w rafflecopter) says

    Not sure if this question pertains to this giveaway as it shows, but the birthstone stacking rings are gorgeous!

  2. Kelsey says

    These pillows look amazing! The peppermint especially seems like it would come in handy for allergies as well as headaches. Love!

  3. Amanda Stano says

    While I am not sure why I was sent to this website to find what I would pick (as this is not what is being given away), I am happy I was! I love these pieces of jewelry and will be purchasing HAND STAMPED SILK WRAP BRACELET- COPPER for myself soon! This is beautiful! So many gorgeous hand made pieces. So unique, stylish, and elegant! Thanks so much!

  4. Amber Ludwig says

    Im not 100% sure the question is for the correct giveaway so I’ll just visit both sites :) The TENCEL® sheets from Malouf sound heavenly and I love the BIBLE VERSE GOLD BAR NECKLACE from Horsefeather gifts!!

  5. Fawn says

    These pillows sound amazing! A good nights sleep is so important and these sound like they would be so helpful in getting a more restfulnights sleep. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. trixx says

    Oooh, the green hidden beauty necklace is gorgeous! As for the pillows, lavender would be amazing!

  7. tina marie mccallum says

    I assume that was the wrong link…

    I would pick the pillow with the shoulder cut outs. That looks awesome!

  8. Rebecca b says

    I’ve had a set of Malouf sheets and loved them. My mom bought a set after sleeping on mine during a visit. Sadly they have completely worn out. I would love to get a new set sometime.

  9. Angela Saver says

    For the comment credit, it said to pick something from Horsefeathers Gifts, even though that’s not sponsor for this giveaway. I would love the Pebble Earrings -Faith from Horsefeathers Gifts.

    From Malouf, I would love to get the CONVOLUTION Pillow!

  10. Tiffany Russell says

    I like the hand stamped sterling silver skinny rings. i would get my kids names on them.

  11. Rust says

    I like the WILDFLOWER BRACELET- TURQUOISE …and also the SHOULDER GEL DOUGH® + Z™ GEL pillow!

  12. Wanda McHenry says

    I’m not sure if the question on Rafflecopter pertains to the pillows, but I would get the TURQUOISE FEATHER EARRINGS.

    As far as the pillows, I would choose the lavender scent!

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