Let’s Consult

As a seasoned small biz pro, Casi will begin booking one-on-one brand development and consulting sessions for customized brand management. Let’s quadruple sales and help you grow with this mastermind program.  It will consist of a few really awesome pep-talks and a virtual mastermind which will take your brand to the next level. It’s basically a Brand Pick-Me Up and so much more.

Get Inspired: Just A Few Common Brainstorming Topics

  • Social Media Slump?
  • Need more sales?
  • Want a launch a biz blog but don’t know how?
  • Trying to start setting up affiliates to grow sales but can’t?
  • Stuck on the next product to development? Product development is my favorite.
  • Mentor? I’m your small biz Fairy God Mother! At least that is what they call me.
  • Make the most of your product launches.
  • Creating the perfect business road map
  • How you can BE successful
  • Blogging 101: Building your blog into a business, working with brands, generating income and more.
  • Shop critique: Photography tips, creative direction, marketing strategies, photo styling and more.
  • Product development coaching: from product development to design, pricing, and more.
  • Creating a solid and successful marketing plan
  • Ready to change your brand and life forever?

More ideas? Online business growth, grow those sales, Launching a biz blogger, wholesale help, creating a blog schedule, why you need to blog for your biz, setting up affiliates, product development, mentoring, building the newsletter list, connections, I’ve got them. Let’s create a social media strategy that will help skyrocket sales. Let’s create a plan that you can take action on. Let me help you branch out more, reach different audiences and make your dreams because your reality, together. I will help mentor you in areas like how to promote yourself more and just ways you can better your brand. I’m pretty much your go-to-gal! If you are doing something wrong, I will let you know. If I think something will be more profitable – I’m going to tell you. I promise.

Session Options

  • 60-minute session
  • 2 60-minute sessions
  • Brand Pick – Me – Up Session

If you are signed up for any services with cupcakeMAG, you will receive a 20% discount.


Teaming up with Casi for PR has helped launch Loved By Hannah And Eli, Inc. to the next level of successes and sales. Her relationships with celebrities and getting my product in their hands has been a huge boost to my advertising (not to mention just being freaking cool!) Thru Casi’s connections I have been able to meet people in person that I would otherwise never had the opportunity too, such as Tori Spelling, Haylie Duff, and Sarah Michelle Geller. My items have been seen on Instagram feeds such as Kourtney Kardashian & Molly Sims. And have been spotted in magazines like Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Life & Style, and  CupcakeMag! She is always available when needed, and always brainstorming new things for my company. All in all, Cais’s industry experience and PR services have been invaluable in helping me become a 6 figure company.  — Sarah of Loved By Hannah And Eli, Inc.

Partnering with Casi (CupcakeMAG) for PR has launched Little Adi + Co to another level quicker than we had expected. Our social media following on Instagram has grown by 3000+ followers per month during the first year alone while utilizing Casi’s services. Well above the expected growth curve for a business of our size. More importantly, our month to month sales have also increased by as much as 500%. Hiring Casi was the easiest and best decision I have had to make for this business! I can’t wait to continue working with her and seeing what we can achieve together going forward. — Adrianne of Little Adi & Co

Where do I start? Casi is hands down the best decision I ever made, hands down. I have been having so much fun and so excited working with her! Casi and I have yet to meet but I feel like not only have I gained an extremely valuable asset to my business but also a good friend. She supports me in every way with my tough business decisions and always guides me in the right direction. My website has thrived in such a short period of time and done things that I never believed possible. I have even been able to hire employees for the first time. It is such an amazing feeling having someone to bounce ideas off that gives you their honest opinions with only your best interest at heart. She has made the journey so exciting and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store working together. Hiring Casi was the best decision I ever made in my entire life. Not to mention my Instagram following went from under 1,000 to over 10K in a few short months. I have done more with my jewelry line than I have thought possible since hiring Casi . Casi is a miracle worker! Thank you for making this year so amazing so far, Casi. I can’t imagine what the future holds but if it is anything like the rest of the year, it will be amazing. Casi has been so patient and sweet with me. Thank you thank you!!

- Alissa of Wrenn Jewelry

Casi has been an absolute dream to work with, helping me increase sales to the point that I have now hired three people to work with me. Working with Casi has helped me reach goals I didn’t think were possible and I’m so incredibly thankful to have meet Casi! Casi has changed my life! Since working with her we’ve had our biggest months ever! Hiring Casi was the best decision I ever made.

- Nicole of Bip + Bop

Casi is so wonderful to work with! Starting A Little Bundle in August, I joined forces with Casi on the first of October and she’s been such an attentive, understanding and great PR/Media guidance. Not only does she connect you to the public, expose you to popular blogs and , but she is conscious of what is best for your brand and products! Casi is a gem to work with and she’s got a big big heart! We’re lucky to have her on our side!

- Annie of A Little Bundle

After the session, you’ll 100% feel inspired.

If you’re interested in being mentored by Casi please email her directly to see if you’re a fit and apply to work with her. Don’t be scared! Let’s do this.

let’s chat: casi@cupcakemag.com

all branding and consult packages are non-refundable due to these Terms & Conditions