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Welcome cupcakeMAG fans to Let’s B Modest! Let me show you around my shop for a moment.

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Let’s B Modest started out with the inspiration to help make women and girls wanna wear modest and appropriate clothing. With that, began the journey of Let’s B Modest. (Fun Fact: the B in Let’s B Modest actually stands for my last name, Beck. Cool huh?!)

As an LDS Christian Girl being married to my favorite person in the whole wide world, in the Manti LDS Temple we have to up our standards a bit more. With that I choose that everything on my website is temple worthy to wear. YAH!!! Life just got a little easier for you.

CM Designer Dress

We’ve got you covered from head to toe with our casual tops, fancy dresses and skirts, Designer Jeans, jackets, leggings, and nylons to show you how to make something immodest, modest. Let me take a minute to talk about our designer jeans. They are my favorite on the site.

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We carry Vivi Diva and Grace in LA which are top quality, amazing, and true to size fit jeans. We also carry (drum roll please) Flying Monkey Jeans. Of course you can buy them from top retailers for your arm and a leg, or you could head on over to Lets B Modest for half the price and get the same exact thing. It’s a pretty amazing thing!

Or tops are approved for a completely modest look and we make the cutest tank tops into modest pieces. Our skirts and dresses are also below the knee and of course comfy and stylish.

CM Desiner Dress 2

I definitely get super excited every time I get an email from a mother, who tells me that her daughter is in love with my designs and is so happy that we choose to be modest examples to the world. Those emails keep me going and make me have pride in what I do.

CM Scarf

Another item that’s been extremely popular is our signature Zipper Pocket Scarfs that I myself, designed and made. Last winter we sold over 500 of these amazing scarfs!

Other pieces I’ve designed is our “Happy Girls are the Prettiest” necklace which goes with everything and still makes a fashion and social statement.

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SHOP NOW! Start making a statement to the world and start standing up for what’s right.

Kat founder of Let’s B Modest

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