As many of you know, we adore Kail Lowry. After working with her for years she’s become one amazing friend! This weekend, if you are in Baltimore you finally have the chance to meet her! Kail’s book Hustle & Heart is a must-read and she will be signing copies this Saturday. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Kail in person, you have to come to this book signing. She is just the best and I love her so much!! Today we are gearing up for her exciting virtual book tour. We’ve teamed up with a lot of amazing hustlin’ mamas on the web to share Kail’s book.  If you haven’t saved the date, please make sure you do. You can get all the details in Kail’s blog post and I hope to see you ALL at the book signing.



What are you most excited about your kids eventually reading in your book? The most nervous?

I’m excited for my kids to see how everything happened and how far we’ve come. Isaac was my first and so we are essentially growing up together. My hope for my kids is that they’ll see all that we’ve overcome and want to keep pushing and working hard for themselves and their families no matter the circumstances.

Do you have plans to write more?
I’m always thinking and writing, there are definitely more to come.

What do you hope your supporters take away from your book knowing?
I hope that people will read hustle & heart and understand that things aren’t always as they seem. I’m not as cold-hearted and heartless as I have come across through tv. There is a past behind who I am today and I’m working hard to better myself.

What was the most memorable part of writing the book?
There were times where I got into this writing mode and it felt like I had so much to say and just wrote and wrote and wrote. Even if it was ultimately edited out, it was really therapy for me.

What is your favorite quote in the book?
Follow your heart, but watch your step.

Why do you recommend people that watch the show to read your book?
I think there’s a lot to learn from both things. Not everything in life in black and white….. and just because someone tries to be realistic doesn’t mean their negative…. I’m so tired of people saying I’m negative.

Now make sure you stop by Kail’s blog today to read some more frequently asked questions about her book, Hustle & Heart. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, grab one here! Take a browse through some of our favorite ladies below as part of Kail’s virtual book tour! Come back tonight and hang out on Instagram. We are going to have one amazing giveaway!