Imperishable Clothing Co


Imperishable Clothing Co was started to help create an easy way to share Jesus with everyone that you come in contact with everyday! The mission over here is to start a Jesus saves, bro conversation with each shirt that we send out. Our team is made up of three supa fly folks!


Nichole is the owner and creative part of Imperishable! Abbey is the customer service part of the business, and Rachel is the production side of everything. We’re just a small group of folks really stoked about Jesus.


So order yourself, your brother, your neighbor, your grandma, your mailman, your hairstylist, and errone else you can think of a shirt then make your way out into the world sharing the good news, because like Carl Henry said “ the gospel is only good news if it gets there in time”


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Use discount code CUPCAKES for 20% off your order at Imperishable Clothing.

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