How to Build Your Company Newsletter

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Several weeks ago, I chatted about why an e-newsletter is your company’s best asset. I hope it motivated you to get started on building your email list, creating a strategy and a calendar. Follow these 5 principles to help you get started on your email newsletter.

Create a Template

From our previous branding posts, you know the importance of brand identity.  The great thing about creating a template is that you only need to do it once and you can easily replicate and work from this saved template moving forward.  Even in the midst of holiday season, all you need to do is create content for your newsletter, drop into the template and schedule the send. Make sure templates are multi-device friendly (e.g. they work and look good on a large screen and mobile devices).

Include a Call to Action

In addition to being an extension of your brand, the newsletter should have an explicit message and encourage readers to take some kind of action whether it’s to purchase a new product, fill out a questionnaire or RSVP for an event. Remember to keep your newsletter clear and concise.

It’s All About the Customer

If you recall in my original newsletter post, existing customers like to be appreciated and get something out of this relationship.  Whether it’s sharing sneak peeks, first dibs to new products, or general industry news, customer want to feel good about their choice to buy or work with you.

It’s Okay to Tease

As mentioned above, a call to action is key and driving customers to your website is a piece of the pie.  Give customers a tease or a short preview in the newsletter and then send them to your website for the full scoop.

Encourage Conversation

Include links to your company website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and include Snapchat code as part of the content (in addition to the template footer). Ask a question or pose a contest to encourage customer to answer or enter on one of the other platforms.

Do you have newsletter wins (or fails) you want to share? Leave a note in the comments!

xx Annette

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