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Haven Living Skin Care was born out of my years of experience in the cosmetology industry. Hi! I’m Desja Walker, and as an esthetician it was important to me to be authentically natural. Not just say it. I wanted to curate an authentically natural skin care brand made with quality organic raw ingredients and zero preservatives or synthetics. My philosophy and my research of raw ingredients, combined with years of skin care experience makes my brand uniquely different because I’m trained to understand how our skin works. The products I create are not just good for your skin, but your spirit. I personally formulate each unique scent blend and recipe to benefit the skin in the most optimal way. You can rest assured knowing all the Haven products are authentically natural and full of nothing but the best skin nourishing ingredients.


I grew up in a small town in rural British Columbia (Canada) and I began my cosmetology education in 1999, fresh out of high school. My love for the beauty industry and my need to be creative fueled me to create a space where I could not only formulate and develop the skin care collections, but also sell a selection of uniquely crafted Canadian brands focusing on local artisans. I am a highly creative and motivated gal who loves all things vintage, and wanted the shop to reflect my eclectic style. Haven Living is just that! An eclectic blend of home, beauty and other unique goods.


What brought me here? Well, in 2014 the bottom fell out of my seemingly perfect life. A stay at home mom of 3, with a home based hair salon, my marriage of 8 yrs ended, forcing me to evaluate where the kids and I were heading on this new journey. I knew my options were very limited as the baby was very little. I feared we’d most likely end up living in low income housing while I worked a minimum wage job and the daycare raised my baby. the stress was taking a toll on me, and I made a snap decision to cross the ocean to Vancouver Island and chase new dreams! We packed a 5 ton truck and took the risk to start over.


I had no idea where to go from here, but knew I wanted to continue the skin care concept I had developed in my salon. It had begun with a sugar scrub and I knew I was on to something. People loved it, and it inspired me to create a brand that encompassed the entire family. I began researching and formulating different scent blends and recipes, but I still needed a brand. After racking my brain, I awoke in the middle of the night I sat up and said out loud, “Haven, I’m going to create my own safe Haven”. The concept was born!


I wanted a store where my customers could escape to. Somewhere that inspired them, and made them feel happy. The move to a store front came later when I realized I had outgrown manufacturing at home and wanted a much more professional setting to curate the products, paired with a space to support local Canadian artisans. I wanted my shop to be different than anything else we had in our area. A blend of amazing Canadian made goods that people would love! We now carry a wide range of goods from an Island made furniture paint line, gift ware, skin care and a Canadian crafted baby boutique. The Skin Care Collections are now in 27 retailers across Canada and the USA, and are proudly gracing the shelves of the flagship store here in Port Alberni where everything is manufactured on site. I have been blessed to call this little town home and am so very grateful for the journey that has brought me here, and thankful that sometimes beginning’s look like endings.


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  1. abigail says

    The Sprout Baby Skin Care Collection Trio sounds like it would make a lovely baby shower gift

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