For the person who has it all: Taste Trunk

Are you on the hunt to find something for the person who has everything? Or do you have that one person left on your list who is just so hard to shop for? Well, I got your back!! We recently discovered Taste Trunk & couldn’t be more thrilled! PLUS if you head over today… the first 100 customers get 20% off everything on their site with code cupcake20 at checkout AND there is a way you can save 30% on a variety of subscriptions! Yes, you can get these wonderful baskets delivered every month if need be. Perfect for the busy-must-please-everyone-holiday months!

So what’s so great about Taste Trunk?

They’ve got it all! These aren’t the gift baskets you’d randomly order online from a shop who then runs to the grocery store to fill. These baskets have gourmet goodies, everything from olive oils to fudge sauce to sausage. See, I wasn’t joking! They have really got it all. Plus the freshness factor is a huge plus! I cannot get over how soft + delish the cookies were… it was really really hard not to eat the entire Giant Toffee Crunch Cookie by Carol’s Cookies (in one sitting) that was included in my Death by Chocolate basket. Yes, Death by Chocolate… as I type & drool over here.

I have a feeling that you might want to know more about Death by Chocolate as you sip your morning coffee… so here are a few quick pics of what I’m all crazy over! (This isn’t even half of what was in the deluxe box…)


What else?

Another huge plus? Price! For such gourmet goodies, these baskets are extremely reasonable. Harris Teeter is my second home & I’ve never seen any of these treats there – which really adds the exclusive touch that I’m always seeking. But maybe you don’t have a sweet tooth? (Weird!… or Lucky!!) There is plenty at Taste Trunk for you too. Or going back to that person who is impossible to shop for, they’ve got something for them – no doubt!

For the Vegan, the Sausage lover, the BBQ fanatic, the tea drinker & coffee chugger – everything you could dream of for the perfect gift can be found right here! So go take a look & don’t forget to use code cupcake20 for 20% off your order!

You can thank me later when you Christmas list is checked off! :)

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