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We’re Justin and Becky Perry, the founders of Fete Today, Inc.

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Our company’s story began in 2011 when we randomly came across a foreclosed vineyard property while on a drive in the country. Not farmers by any stretch of the imagination, but we decided to take a huge risk and start a new life as grape growers.

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We have always loved celebrating things, both the ups and the downs of life, so we were compelled to create a wine brand that would capture our love of celebration and hopefully inspire people to choose joy in the every day.

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We set out to make one of the most innovative and fun wines on the market today. An app on the side of the bottle sets off an interactive fireworks display and turns any occasion into a party with a mobile photo booth experience, complete with props, editable text and banners, while the screw top cap changes color and sparkles like a teenage vampire in the sunlight.

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As if the bottle wasn’t enough of an attraction, there’s wine inside! A smooth, very drinkable, fruit-forward Petite Sirah grown in the newly minted Wine Region of the Year – Lodi, California. (Even our friends who generally choose whites over reds love this wine.)

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Fete (sounds like pet) is a French word that means “to celebrate” or “to lavishly honor.” We hope that people will choose our wine for any celebration, whether it is a special occasion like a girl’s night out or something as simple as making it to the bottom of the laundry basket. (Lord knows that IS a reason to celebrate.) We also hope people will use our wine to help them celebrate or honor their unexpected challenges. We try, (as much as we can), to celebrate life’s hard stuff as much as the joys, and to anticipate the possibilities that can come out of even the darkest of times.

We only have one beautiful, messy life, so “fete today” friends!

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We are offering free shipping through February 15th. Use code: CUPCAKE15 to save $15 on your order from Fete Today!

Wine is shipped UPS Ground and usually takes 2-5 business days.

Unfortunately we cannot ship to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Utah. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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