Fall Hair & Nail Trends You’ll Obsess Over

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite Fall hair and nail trends for the upcoming holiday. During this season, everyone is glowing. In the beauty realm, fall palettes are filled with so much warmth and gearing towards neutrals are a must.

So let’s get down to business here.


I love that nail polish has evolved into a fun way to add a little character to your personal style. There is an ever-growing trend of crazy nail art, that I find most times looks a bit juvenile and unprofessional, but I’ve found some nail art to be interesting and subtle. I’m still a big believer in the classic nail polish technique, but if you find yourself bored with your nails, try adding one or two “accent” nails into the mix. Less is more, and if you are new to nail art, keep it minimal at first. I like to choose a color in a different “finish”, like metallic, to add a little spice to one or two of my nails. I often go for the ring fingers on both hands, but the pinky nail can be a great option too!

One of the most underused colors, in all seasons frankly, is navy. It’s rich, classic, and is beautiful on every single skin tone. It’s not as harsh as black, not as boring as brown, and even has a little depth to it since it is technically a color, although still very neutral.

Navy and nude are perfect together on nails, in your wardrobe, and even in your makeup look.




Navy and Nude Nails:

1. Polish nails with Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles. Start with Essie’s 3-Way Glaze as base coat, apply 2 coats of color, and finish with 3-Way Glaze as top coat.
2. Wait 24 hours before adding accent nails!
3. Using painters tape or Scotch tape, divide ring finger nail in half on an angle from tip to base. Make sure you press the edges of the tape down well!
4. Apply one thin coat of Essie’s Penny Talk to accent nail. Let dry for 30 seconds.
5. Apply a second coat of Essie’s Penny Talk to accent nail, making sure none of the base color is showing through.
6. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, remove tape immediately. Do not let accent nail dry completely. Removing the tape while the accent polish is still drying will give you a bit of freedom to fill in any gaps, and even wipe away any runs of polish.
7. Provide ample time for accent color to dry prior to applying a top coat. If you apply top coat too early, the nail polish will bubble, and you only have one shot at the accent nails!
8. Finish with a top coat, and enjoy your beautiful nails!
Fall hair trends:

One of the most repetitive trends I watched unfold every single year was the tendency for women to go a bit darker and warmer with their hair color in the fall. I worked behind the chair as a stylist for many years, and I knew September would be full of rich toffee’s and caramel’s. Even blonde’s wanted to incorporate more depth into their color, often with a shade similar to a vanilla latte. Perhaps it’s the fading sun tans, or the anticipation of cooler, albeit duller, weather, but women turn to their beauty routines to perpetuate the look of warmth and life.

My favorite way to add warmth to a client’s hair, with almost zero commitment level in their part, was in the form of a demi-permanent gloss. Without getting too technical, a demi-permament acts like a stain on the hair, lasts through several weeks of washing, and eventually fades out. Clients didn’t have to worry about their rich shades leaving a line of demarkation on their hair as their mousy brown grew out.

Ask your stylist about a demi-permanent gloss if you are craving a warm-up this fall.

Braids. Braids. Braids. They are everywhere, are they not? Fishtails, dutch braids, french braids, etc. In the summertime, a messy side fishtail braid was the perfect way to look effortless and casual, and keep your neck a little cooler from the punishing heat.

So, how do braids translate into fall hair trends? Switch out the fishtail for the classic french braid, or simple basic braid. If you want to do something a little bit unique, try a dutch braid. Add a deep side part to your hair, creating a sophisticated look around your face, and let the braid be both the function and fun part of your hairstyle.

Textured hair isn’t going anywhere this fall either. Keep restocking your dry shampoo, or texture powder, and plan on using it for the next few months. A textured ponytail, again with a deep side part, is a bit more interesting than a basic ponytail, and a very quick way to do something new with your hair. Make sure you work the texturizing product into your hair before securing the ponytail! It’s always easier to tone down otherwise messy hair. Use a soft colored hair elastic to secure your hair near the nape of your neck.



To get the textured braided updo look:

1. Begin with slightly curled hair (whether that’s natural or done with a curling iron).
2. Tease around your roots all over your head. Usually women only tease the top of their hair, but teasing all over will help add the texture and volume you need!
3. On the side opposite of your part, braid a small section of hair from root to tip. Secure with a clear elastic and stretch the braid out to loosen it up a bit.
4. Loosely rake your hair into a messy bun at your nape, pulling out a few strands afterwards.
5. Twist and pin the loose hairs around the bun.
6. Wrap the braid towards the bun, pinning it just above.
7. Finish with a mist of hairspray.



Bringing it back from the archives! This originally was published in our Fall 2014 issue from contributor, Kate Bryan. Photos were taken by Jordan Maunder of JordanMaunder.com.

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