Evies Gift

Hello! I’m Alyssa the owner and creator of Evies Gift. Seven years ago I met my husband for the first time, that night he sang to our group of friends. When he proposed he played a song he wrote for me, which he then sang at our wedding. Needless to say, music has been a big part of our relationship from the beginning.


Fast forward a year and a half after we were married I decided to start creating designs on outfits for a boutique I was working for. Once I opened my Etsy store it was clear to see that the guitar outfit would be the most loved.


Since then the designs have evolved to become much more detailed. I scour the internet searching for unique fabrics that best reflect their real life inspiration. From start to finish each outfit is created and shipped by me, with the help of my 18 month old son.


One of my favorite parts of creating these outfits is hearing the stories of how music is a part of the lives of my customers. Its such a joy knowing that an outfit can bring a little bit of fun and joy to the lives of others as well as teach the next generation a love for music.


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