Easter is upon us! If you are like me and totally wait until last minute to get everyones outfits then I am going to share with you a super easy way to keep your outfit under $30 this year. It will challenge you to use things in your closet but the result will be a perfect Easter ready outfit that you will love!

The first thing you will need to do is go to your closet and find your favorite skirt or dress pants, pull them out and get them ready to go! Next you will head to the store to look for a top only, this is where it can get tricky! Do not let your self get carried away, stay focused and find tops that will go with your skirt or pants and stick there!

I did this recently for my Easter outfit and I couldn’t be happier with it! I made myself use things I already had and this top was $19.90! If I had gone with an entire new outfit I would have spent well over $60!

Purchase top here!

Pencil Skirt Fashion Pencil Skirt Fashion Pencil Skirt Fashion

Outfits can definitely be made from things in our closets, sometimes we just don’t see it. Take some fresh eyes in there and look for things that you wouldn’t normally pair together if you don’t have a budget at all for a new Easter outfit!

I suggest shopping at these affordable retailers!

Forever 21


Charloette Russe



I hope this inspired you to go shop that closet and limit yourself to buying one new item for an outfit takeover!

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