Easter Traditions

As a child Easter was super exciting and now that I have Izzy the excitement is back. My parents did a few things people tell me they have never heard of before. (One being a jelly bean trail) I’m going to share 5 fun things to start adding to your family traditions this Easter.


5 Easter Traditions You Should Try This Year

1. Jelly bean trail from the bedroom door to the Easter basket filled with goodies. (If you have a pet, be sure to crate them for the part.)

2. Always have at least one same item (they can look forward to) every year in the basket. For us it was a stuffed bunny and a chocolate bunny. The rest of the goodies varied year to year.


3. Do an egg hunt in the house.

4. Have an egg hunt in your yard.


5. Make an Easter inspired breakfast. Whether it’s creating a bunny shaped pancake or serving a painted hard boiled egg.

Okay guys, ready set go!

XO Eryka


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