Cocktails on the Side: Personalized Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Well, hello there! I’m Teresa, owner of Cocktails On The Side and I really hope you are reading this post while sipping a refreshing cocktail! Chances are you:

A. are a mommy and love to personalize items in your daughters room.


B. you are going to a little girl’s birthday party and you want people to ooohhh and aaaahhh over the adorable custom gift you got for the guest of honor.


C. you love to create and need some motivation for your home office (holding desk supplies is just a bonus).


D. you are a teacher and all you need is something pretty on your desk at the end of a looooonnnngg day of wrangling (I mean teaching) kids.


E. you want to be the teacher’s favorite parent by getting them a personalized gift for Christmas or teacher appreciation week!


If you can relate to any of those descriptions then you should definitely check out our shop! Just remember, it’s always better with cocktails on the side!

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