Moda Baby Feature + Giveaway!


Fellow parents – have you ever been frustrated with the lack of wearable, crawling-assist products that actually work for your baby? I feel you. Which is why I created the first pair of crawling leggings for babies and toddlers: the GripStart Leggings™ by ModaBaby. I created ModaBaby out of a desire to make simple, high-quality […]

Halo Collective Feature + Giveaway!


We do things kind of crazy over here and run two amazing shops! Halo Collective started way back in 2007 after my son was born. I think as a mom you want all that is good for your children and he inspired me in huge ways {and later on my sassy joined us and even […]

First and Little Feature + Giveaway!


first & little offers great finds for mamas and little ones. It was founded in 2012 by Amber Shader owner & founder of Amber Shader Photography. Amber opened first & little’s flagship store and portrait studio in Middletown, Delaware to create a one stop shopping experience for her photography clients. first & little offers great […]

Welcoming Walls Feature + Giveaway!


Welcoming Walls was born 6 years ago, out of a love for design, décor and a need for a creative outlet. As a stay-at-home mom, with two small girls at her feet, Candi was looking for a way to express her love of creativity and design while still loving those babies at home. I am […]

Young & Free Apparel Feature + Giveaway

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Young & Free Apparel is a brand that wants to inspire children to use their imagination and creativity, encourage families to make memories, and teach children how to use the gifts they have been created with. Inspired daily by our 4-year-old and 1-Year-Old daughters, my husband and I strive to produce a line that is […]