George’s Hats


George Hats was inspired by my son George and his love to be outdoors and free! After unsuccessfully searching for cool but functional hats to keep him protected I knew this was my next journey! Each hat is handmade with love with every element is sourced locally and always from the USA. The brims of […]

Littlest Prince Couture Giveaway!

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The idea for Littlest Prince Couture started almost exactly four years ago, as I brought my brand new baby – a BOY – home from the hospital. I quickly realized that clothing choices, especially for special occasions – were extremely limited. I started making my own clothes for my little prince, and got a few […]

Top Five from Zozu Baby


“ZoZuBaby was inspired by my beautiful daughter and son who have given me the desire and motivation to create these stylish, handmade baby & toddler accessories! Outside of ZoZuBaby, I am a wife, mamma, and wedding coordinator! All of my items are made by hand and a lot of time is spent making each piece […]