Capturing The Perfect Balloon Birthday Pictures

Izzy just turned two! It was fun and stressful getting her party together. We did a pastel art theme and it was so pretty! Getting pictures of Izzy alone during the party was not going to happen. Your baby, toddler or kid wants to be in the excitement.

So how do you get individual pictures of your birthday girl/boy?

First check the lighting, are you taking them outside? If so you should take them in the early morning or afternoon. If you are anything like me than the early morning is when you are scrambling to get the last minute birthday decor in place. So Izzy can take her afternoon nap after her guests leave, wake up refreshed. I re-dress her and get perfect afternoon lighting. Make sure you don’t have your child in direct light.

If you are inside, again think about the area you want to take them. How good the lighting is in that room different times of the day?

Now think about props… BALLOONS!

I think they make the BEST birthday props for photos. Either one for each year or a big bunch to go with the birthday color theme.


Now, make it fun. If you try to prop your child they are not going to listen and get upset. I would ask Izzy to count the balloons or what colors does she have. I also would tell her, “Ready, set, go!” We would run and she would chase me across the yard. I would turn around and snap her in motion.



Lastly I suggest you looking into getting a photo editing program. This way you don’t have to get the perfect shot with the camera and can make it perfect when editing.

Happy picture taking friends!

XO Eryka

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