We all want to look our best when we know all eyes are going to be on us – it’s just human nature! We may not be able to control the bags under our eyes or our swollen feet the day of our baby shower but we can control the perfection of our dress. It took me WEEKS to find the perfect dress for my baby shower (I went with the SHOWPO Lone Traveller that you’ll see below) – I just wanted one that fit great & wasn’t going to max out my credit card. So when I found this beauty, I was ecstatic & figured I had to share my findings with you! Seriously… I do not wish that grueling hunt on anyone. Dramatic? Not. At. All.

Here is a rundown of gorgeous budget friendly dresses – under $70 – that flatter the ever growing belly!

what to wear for your baby shower

SHOWPO : lone traveller maxi dress in white floral | $60.95

PINKBLUSH MATERNITY: grey floral off shoulder maternity maxi dress | $63

ANTHROPOLOGIE: one shoulder tiered midi dress | $69.95

RUBYCLAIRE BOUTIQUE: first bloom maxi | $46

Now I know not everyone is pregnant (even though it feels that way) & I know there are a lot of wifey-to-be’s out there. I’ve even heard that finding a bridal shower dress is more of an antagonizing search than finding a baby shower dress (who would’ve thought?!).

Not to worry though, I took care of the bridal shower hunt for you too!

All these white classic beauties? Under $80!


PINKBLUSH: white open lace overlay bell sleeve dress | $65

ASOS: love triangle lace midi dress with high neck | $32

LULU’S: black swan francine ivory skater dress | $63

SHOWPO: these girls dress in white lace | $76.95

I hope these looks ease your search in finding the perfect dress for such special days!

xx, Kate

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