Why Being A Mom Is So Hard

Being a mom is the best y’all! It really is, but they don’t make those shirts that say ‘Mommin’ Ain’t Easy” for no reason! Motherhood is the most challenging job I think you can have, yet again the most rewarding!

It’s a give, give and give some more job to everyone around you and before you know it you’re like “wait, I feel like I have nothing left to give” but you surprise yourself and guess what?! Yah you guessed it, give some more.

Those little people that you love dearly are your purpose! They are the reason we get less sleep, eat less (until you binge eat ice cream in bed so you don’t have to share) have less energy and basically just have less of every vital necessity in the world besides…love! They give us abundant amounts of the good stuff and that is why being a mom is hard!

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It’s hard to love someone so much! It’s that love, that love so much it hurts. Love so much that you will do anything in the world for those babes (little or grown)! It’s the love that keeps you up at night worrying. The love that makes your heart feel like it’s going to explode! The love for them even in the hard moments when you know they’ve done wrong. The love for them you when you know you’ve done wrong. The overwhelming love that makes your world stop! It’s that love that takes so much out of you but in return gives you more than you could have ever imagined!

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Sure, all the experiences we go through as mothers make our job seem even harder but really being a mom just makes you realize your kids are the first people in the world to truly make you realize what it means to love something more than you could ever love yourself! So for that, be thankful for this hard job you’ve been blessed with and love them harder!

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Pictures by Monica Bartels Photography

Hope you all have an awesome Friday!


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