Five Great Food Blogs


I’m always on the look out for great new recipes to make for my family (or to hand over to my husband to make – he’s a better cook then me!).  I look up all kinds of food blogs – healthy, dessert oriented, gourmet, kid friendly…these days there are so many to choose from.  Here […]

Color Trends For Fall 2014


There a lot of beautiful colors big for this fall, and a lot of ways you can add them to your wardrobe! If you worry about adding trendy colors to your clothes, you can always wear them as accessories.  Check out some of these ideas! Here’s a stylish Washed Moto Jacket by Free People. Here’s […]

Get It Customized!


I’m always searching Etsy for unique gifts. Last Christmas my daughter asked for dolls that looked like her and me. She said she wanted them so when I wasn’t around she could still play with me. (Pit pat went my heart!) In my search for the perfect dolls, I came across some really fun personalized […]

Wanna Go Short?


Have you been thinking about going for a short hair cut style, but not quite sure what to do?  Everyone’s got to go short at least once!  It’s fun, sassy and stylish.  Trends for 2014 are full of short hair styles so here are a few ideas for you! Short and slick are big looks […]