Introducing the new company NEWLIE


Exciting news!  My company NEWLIE has launched!  You may remember my first company, timi & leslie, where I introduced the stylish diaper bag.  Well now I have begun a new endeavor creating Newlie,  a moms based business devoted to creating fresh, customized products for modern moms by modern moms.  YOU get to help us make our selections for each […]

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating


This session my daughter and I went a little crazy and bought a ton of pumpkins.  We found so many cute ways to decorate them online, and just had to try a bunch out!  Here are some great ways to decorate your pumpkins both with carving them and then better yet, non-carving ideas! The eye ball […]

Halloween Crafts With Your Little One


Halloween is one of my favorite times of year!  I love decorating, dressing up and making fun crafts with my daughter.  Crafts incorporating hand or foot prints are some of my favorites to do while she is still little, because it captures a moment in time that I want to remember!  Here are some really […]