just my jammies!


I’ve been on the lookout for comfy, chic + soft pajamas since our Maryland bi-polar weather has begun. I hate wearing those cheap flannel shorts where the ties aren’t actual ties & the buttons always fall off…they get old after a while, heck I’ve been wearing ‘em since high school (time to step it up)! […]

A Mother’s Day Card to Last Forever


From The Desk Of | Kate | Junior Stylist + Editors’ Assistant {see more post by moi here} If your mother is at all similar to Casi & I’s – no matter what, she always says “please don’t get me anything” – no matter the holiday. Despite that, I have always at least managed to get her a card […]

Casi & Kate’s PB + Coconut Balls


We’ve noticed these “protein balls” trending – so after about 4 different times of making them & mixing all sorts of ingredients up…we finally nailed it {at least we think so}! The first time we made them; Kennadi (Casi’s 4 year old) & Sadie (Casi’s just about 3 year old) helped! So yup you could […]

newly obsessed: FabFitFun!


From The Desk Of | Kate | Junior Stylist + Editors’ Assistant {see more post by moi here} Clearly we love trying new things…it’s our job. So when we discovered FabFitFun years ago we remained loyal readers. Recently we were informed that FabFitFun “Life well lived” now offers a box including full size beauty, fashion & wellness premium products! These lovely surprises […]

Zaaina Skincare’s Fave #DIY Masks!


As you know we newly discovered one of our MidWest loves, Zaaina SkinCare. And we have quickly become huge fans – their anti aging face mask actually becomes so tight I felt like I’m getting a facelift without the chemicals, cuts, and thousands of dollars. The owner, CEO, and wonderful beauty expert behind the curtains […]