4th of July Make Up Must Haves!


Hey Miss America! Get festive this fourth with Jane Cosmetics! We ensure you won’t give this look any less than 50 stars… Let your makeup burst this fourth with a bold red lip! Apply Jane Lip Gloss in Passion for a high-shine finish. Steal the firework show by doubling up your liner! Apply the Jane Water Resistant Eye […]

Let’s Launch Summer at Lillian Eve!!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.06.04 PM

Happy Friday! This Friday I thought it would be fun to feature a small shop that needs your help!  As you know we LOVE supporting small business, matter of fact that is basically what we do for a living. Lillian Eve is the definition of a small business. This wonderful vegan nail polish brand started on […]

Master Summer Hair


Summer is quickly approaching whether you like it or not! But let’s be serious the only reason you wouldn’t is because of the humidity & sun damage but not to worry, we have answers! I’ve been going through trials and tribulations for months now (believe me, my PR girls are like – answers kid, we need answers) but I’ve finally […]

Secrets To Get Ready for Summer


If you are anything like me & had a wild and wonderful year – you are sitting here reading this thinking wait it’s already mid April?! Where did 2015 go?! No complaints (I guess) but jeeze, Some days I still think its February …not like this East Coast weather has done anything but make us feel […]

Vegan Polish?! You don’t say!


Okay – can’t lie. I’ve been brainstorming this post for months, yes months BUT I finally got the time to try this nail polish (in between my gel manis) and I could not believe the results. 1143 H20 NAIL POLISH Yes, there is h20 in the name for a reason! Why you ask?…because it soaks off with […]