Secrets To Get Ready for Summer


If you are anything like me & had a wild and wonderful year – you are sitting here reading this thinking wait it’s already mid April?! Where did 2015 go?! No complaints (I guess) but jeeze, Some days I still think its February …not like this East Coast weather has done anything but make us feel […]

Vegan Polish?! You don’t say!


Okay – can’t lie. I’ve been brainstorming this post for months, yes months BUT I finally got the time to try this nail polish (in between my gel manis) and I could not believe the results. 1143 H20 NAIL POLISH Yes, there is h20 in the name for a reason! Why you ask?…because it soaks off with […]

Chat with Jewelry Designer Kelly Bello


As always we are on the hunt for fresh looks & high fashion, luckily we’ve discovered Kelly Bello Design. Kelly Bello is the designer behind fine, unique & dainty jewelry. As she calls it, Structured Daintiness – and that it is. Currently we are crushing hard on the Brass Collection which includes the Goal Digger Necklace that I’m rocking […]

Alex and Ani: the Perfect gift for your Valentine


I know I’m not the only one who is sitting at my desk thinking, wait a second – it’s already almost the middle of February! Which means not only are we closer to Spring but e x t r e m e l y close to Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day has always been my least […]

icebreaker: Keepin’ you warm!


icebreaker: Keepin’ you warm With our readers being all over the country, this goes hand in hand with the temperatures that are all over the charts. If you are in parts of the East Coast right now, even Siri says “Brrr.” That goes for the Mid-West & so many cities across the map! Luckily we have discovered icebreaker […]