Ornamental Things


The Goddess Necklace For a decade, Natalie Tischler has been the beautiful mind behind Ornamental Things, a company established for wanderlust souls, bold women + those who seek the bohemian vibe. When Ornamental Things was brought to our attention here at cupcakeMAG, we immediately loved the eco friendly boxing (all me – love the little things) and […]

From Work to Happy Hour feat. Im•bue!


With Fall beginning, that means one thing for sure – layers. And with layers, comes your chance to be versatile + creative! Being creative with statement pieces really allows you to play around when putting together everyday outfits. Letting you dress up or down with just a little out of the box thinking, Im•bue is a company […]

pillow party!


Belquist Belquist, the company I can blame for my new love of accent pillows. I couldn’t get myself to buy  pillows from Target for $25, knowing I will lay my head on them every night and that they were made in a factory, by who knows what, who knows where. Now don’t get me wrong – I love […]

Celebrating Fall in the BEST way: Cupcakes!


Guest Post by: Stephen Reynolds Fabulous Cupcakes for Fall & the Holidays The smell of bonfire is in the cool crisp air, leaves are starting to turn gorgeous hues of orange, brown, yellow and red – autumn has arrived. That beach body diet you kept up with all summer long can take a long hiatus […]

The Flawless Face? You don’t say!


We all know I have gone round & round with my skin – love it on the good days & wanna peel it off on the bad days. I don’t think I’ll ever get the science of it but things are looking up! I’ve stuck with my all natural wash regimen thanks to the discovery of […]