Hues to buy now!


I don’t know about you but personally I started with black nails WAY too early this year…. we are talking August. Soooo I’m already sick of them! Oops – girl fail. Thankfully the polish colors available in this world are basically endless so it’s not that big of a dilemma! HOWEVER trying to do the right […]

Malouf Lavender Scented Pillows Will Change Your Life (Plus a Giveaway!)


We’ve got the perfect giveaway to help you celebrate that “extra” hour of sleep! Have you ever been so excited for pillows? You know you are an adult when you get super-excited for amazing, lavender scented king size pillows that are basically heaven. And we mean….heaven scent. Your sleep will never be the same once you experience […]

From Infants to Teens, Protect Your Child from the Summer Sun


  October may be right around the corner, marking the official start to fall, but there are a lot of sunny days left in the year (particularly if you happen to live in the Southwest). So if you intended to put away the sunscreen and pack up the sunglasses until next summer, you may want […]

4 Tips for Moving this Summer

We have a few tips for moving to a new city with kids… Whether it’s for a new job or a fresh start, moving to a new city is exciting but scary. And if you have kids, there are a few more things to think about. To properly prepare for the best move possible, consider […]

No time for you, Mr.Flu!


I know I’m not the only one crossing my fingers, washin’ my hands like a maniac & livin’ on a prayer that I don’t get sick this holiday season. With the lack of sleep & lack of sanity around the holidays – the last thing we need is getting a big old visit from a nasty cold… not […]