Current Obsession: Hunter Boots for Winter

hunter boot

From the desk of | Cortney | Contributor I’m going to tell you guys something that you probably already know: I’m from Minnesota – which is essentially a frigid tundra from December through March. Sometimes even longer than that. We get a lot of snow up here and my hubby owns a snow related business, […]

Current Obsession: Monogrammed Otterbox Phone Case

monogrammed otterbox case, monogrammed phone case

I’m the kind of gal who is super clumsy when it comes to my phone. So when I was preggo, I knew that this problem was only going to get worse once the baby arrived. A baby and diaper bag to tote around in addition to my already full hands? Yep, the phone was definitely […]

Current Obsession: Minnetonka Moccasins

Leopard Kilty Moccasin

You may not know it, but I was born and raised {and still live} in Minnesota. And two weekends ago the hubs, little and I were up north in lake country hanging out with my fam. “Up north” is a great place for connecting with nature, spending time with family and surprisingly: shopping for fabulous […]

Current Obsession: Jeweled Headbands

jeweled headband

From the desk of | Cortney | Contributor Being a new mom, one thing I really lack time for these days is styling my hair. And being the girl that doesn’t want to go completely unstyled on a daily basis, I’ve quickly caught on to one of the hottest hair trends in Hollywood: jeweled headbands! […]

DIY: Ombre Nails Tutorial


From The Desk Of | Cortney | Contributor Yes, it’s true: Ombré nails are a super hot look for fall. And while this look may seem expensive and hard to get, let me tell you something: it’s easy to achieve an ombré Nails nail look at home! Now I have to admit that when I […]