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Kyrie Walker has three loves in life; her husband, her beautiful daughter (Rosalin) and creating products to help struggling mothers. Living in Kansas City, Missouri she worked tirelessly to care for home, husband, and a new baby. With her husband employed full-time, and enrolled full-time in undergraduate studies she found herself without relief.twinpic

Rosalin’s naps and bedtime schedule were valuable moments of sanity. When swaddled, Rosalin would sleep easily. However, as she grew in strength she began wiggle free, and startle herself awake. Exhausted and determined, Kyrie reverted to her love of sewing and created the Star Sack, a solution to babies’ Moro (startle) reflex.

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Star Sacks allow mothers to place their babies in multiple sleeping positions. Rather than seeking to rigidly constrain a baby’s movements, Star Sacks’ gentle flexibility meet a baby’s movement with womblike resistance. With closed arms and legs, Star Sacks allow strong babies to wiggle past the traditional wrap style swaddle without being startled by unexpected freedom.


As babies grow and change so do their sleeping needs. Designed for practicality Star Sacks also work as a two in one swaddle/transition blanket. When it is time for your baby to transition out of swaddling simply wrap the swaddle attachment under their arms and around their waist. This will continue to give them a secure environment and allow for a smooth and easy transition.

View More: http://reedelizabethphotography.pass.us/starsacks
Everyone needs a little help when they have a new baby. Kyrie’s goal is to bring every family the sanity that can only result from a baby sleeping through the night.

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  1. Lynne says

    I would add a bit of my own money and get the blue star sack and the forest green one!

  2. Amber Ludwig says

    I love that Forest Green star sack!! SO pretty!! That color is amazing!

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