5 Reasons You Should Read To Your Child

Reading to your child is so important, but do you really know why?

Here are 5 reasons you should keep up with bedtime and daytime stories!  

1. Build Early Literacy Skills

Reading to your child exposes them and allows them to start building early literacy skills. Skills such as understanding these weird looking things called letters form words and these words can be read. When reading and following along the words with your finger you are teaching your child we read left to right. Having your child help turn pages you are showing them we also directionally turn pages left to right & read a book front to back.

2. Introduction To New Vocabulary

When reading you are introducing new words they may not hear day to day. Expanding vocabulary is very important for these growing brains.

3. Enhanced Focus Skills

Reading to your child helps them build skills of sitting and attending to a story (concentration and discipline). They need to use their mind and only their body if you are acting out the story or having them turn pages or point to things.

4. Develop Strong Listening Skills

After reading a page or two ask your child what happened. “Why did Sarah leave?” “Why is Johnny sad?” “What color is Elmo’s ball?” Reading stories over and over can also help with comprehension.

5. It’s A Fun & Bonding Experience

When you sit with your child and bring their imagination alive with story time you also expand their understanding of the world. Enjoy those cuddles and special moments together.

Go to the library, download stories to your tablet or buy get some books for your home. You know why it’s important to read, so keep on reading.

XO Eryka

from Busy Little Izzy Blog

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