Send a day of presents with Along Came a Box + a giveaway!


Along Came A Box is gift box company where you can send a day of presents! You literally get to open up a present every hour of the day! How fun is that?!

They have gift boxes for every occasion, from birthdays and weddings to thank you and relax & unwind!


So how does a day of presents work?

  • The gift recipient receives a branded shipping box at their door with a fun, bright sticker saying “Open at 9 a.m. for a day filled with happiness!”
  • Once they open their shipping box, they discover a square, teal, matte box tied with white silk ribbon in a bow and adorned with a gift tag with their name on it.
  • Upon untying the ribbon and opening up the box, they find an occasion card lying on top of a tightly wrapped bundle of gifts pulled together by tissue paper.
  • Inside the tissue paper lie 4 to 8 gifts (depending on the box) each wrapped in a cloth bag imprinted with a unique clock indicating the hour to open each gift.
  • The gift recipient opens up gifts every hour until every bag has been opened in their box!


Every gift is handmade or designed by an American Small Business, so when you buy a box you’re not just supporting one small business, but several at one time! Gifts range from a vegan nail polish and a mimosa body scrub to a pottery ring dish and a stemless champagne flute.

Alongside each of the gifts, inside the cloth bags, lies an Artist Card introducing the artist who made the gift. The Artist Card includes each artist’s background and story, a photo of the artist in their workshop, as well as a special message from the artist themselves.

Along Came A Box is the perfect gift to send when you can’t be there to celebrate someone’s big day. It allows you to be there with them in spirit, every hour, as they open their gifts and think of all the wonderful joy you brought them!


Thinking about sending a box yourself? Use code CUPCAKEMAG to take $10 off any gift box!

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Use the code CUPCAKEMAG to take $10 off any gift box.



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  1. Tiffany Adkins says

    I love the vegan nail polish! The Birthday box sounds amazing for my bestie!

  2. Amber Ludwig says

    I love the DELICATE MINIMAL NECKLACE in the lucky wishbone!! We ALWAYS break the wishbone in this family <3

  3. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I love the classic birthday box I love this idea this is the first time I have seen it.

  4. Cathleen King says


  5. Courtney Hennagir says

    I would really love the escape mini box! What a great gift idea!

  6. Mahdi Martin says

    If I could pick any of the mini boxes, it would be the Maid of Honor Mini Box. I love the little jewelry dish thingy most of all!

  7. Raine says

    It’s such a difficult choice but I’d go with the Replenish. The nail color is gorgeous and the Blackberry and Vanilla Bean lotion sounds absolutely divine. What a wonderful box company!

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