Make a big impact with Zuri Collection’s unique fashion pieces + a giveaway!

Me in checked skirt, leather necklaceWe’re so excited to introduce you to Abby, the founder of Zuri Collection. The inspiration for Zuri came from the beautiful people and country of Tanzania. Abby spent about three months in Arusha, Tanzania a few years ago, and it has been in her heart ever since. One of the things that stuck with her was the poverty she saw. She learned that craft is the second biggest employer of women, but that there weren’t enough customers to really sustain, much less grow a business. Countless families were having trouble putting food on the table and paying for school fees. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would take to make a difference in the communities where she lived and worked. Abby knew it would take so little to make a difference in one life, but so much to make a difference on a larger scale. The enormity of the problem overwhelmed her, but she couldn’t unsee what she saw and she couldn’t say that she didn’t know anymore. So months after she returned to Chicago, Abby began thinking about what it would look like to start a business that would empower Artisans through fair trade. Fast forward many months, and in October 2016, Zuri’s first collection was launched!


Right now Zuri Collection is in their second season with Artisan partners in Tanzania, Kenya, and Peru. They carry skirts, bags, jewelry, and home goods. All of their products are handmade and fairly traded. She loves that her customers get to wear or display a story from across the globe, and that fashion can be used as a vehicle to connect us to something bigger than ourselves. She’s learned that we are all far more similar than we are different and our stories are more intertwined than we know. The global fashion industry is full of corruption, oppression, and greed, but with fair trade, we can change that story. Zuri offers consumers a different way to shop – one where we know and value the hands who made their purchases.

White Fruit Bowl

Abby is so excited (and we are too!) about her spring/summer collection because she has been able to partner with more groups, which means more impact! She loves our Mini Floral Skirts, and she thinks the Amboseli Tote is a must-have! It’s perfect for toting anything from beach gear to farmers market finds! She also can’t get enough of our hand-woven baskets! They add just the right about texture and tribal-chic for any home, room, or wall.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 1.54.37 PM

We know you love what you find!

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black zig zag beach


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47 responses to “Make a big impact with Zuri Collection’s unique fashion pieces + a giveaway!”

  1. Megan B Avatar
    Megan B

    I love the beaded hoop earrings!

    1. Thanks, Megan!! The Beaded Hoops are definitely a customer-favorite! They are super lightweight too! So glad you like them! :)

  2. Stephanie M Avatar
    Stephanie M

    I love the pencil skirt swirl!!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I love how this fabric turned out on the pencil skirt too! Such a fun print for summer! Let me know if you have any sizing questions :)

  3. Sheri Anderson Avatar
    Sheri Anderson

    I really love the Bosco Clutch, but so many lovely and unique items, thanks!

    1. Thanks, Sheri! I LOVE the Bosco clutch too! We are expecting a new shipment of these in a few weeks!! Can’t wait :)

  4. Nancy Avatar

    If I won, I might get the ZIg Zag Clutch in Blue.

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes! The Zig Zag Clutch in blue is awesome! So glad you like it – I think it’s perfect for 4th of July too :)

  5. Lisa Coomer Queen Avatar
    Lisa Coomer Queen

    I think I would get the Monochrome Black Wall Hanging. I love it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa! So glad you love the wall hangings! They are really amazing – and they have loops on the back of them making them super easy to hang. Let me know if you have any questions about them!

  6. Jeanne Coulombe Avatar
    Jeanne Coulombe

    I would get a skirt they are really cute

    1. Hi Jeanne! So glad you like the skirts!! Which style is your favorite? Let me know if you have any questions on sizing :)

  7. Christina C. Avatar
    Christina C.

    I would love the knot necklace!

    1. Hi Christina! So glad you like the Knot Necklace!! I love this design so much! It’s made by a group that employs men and women with special needs, which makes it even more special :)

  8. Laurie Nykaza Avatar
    Laurie Nykaza

    Bosco Clutch is so pretty love the design and colors it comes in too.

    1. Hi Laurie! We’re getting some new Bosco clutches in a few weeks – can’t wait to see the new colors! Thanks for checking out our website! :)

  9. Christy Peeples DuBois Avatar
    Christy Peeples DuBois

    I would probably get the Teardrop Earrings or/and the Dorice Skirt. There are so many neat items to choose from.

    1. Hi Christy! Love your picks! Those earrings are amazing and super lightweight! Thanks for checking out our shop – let me know if you have any questions on sizing with the skirts!

  10. alona y Avatar
    alona y

    I’d love to get the Dorice Pencil Skirt in Purple.

    1. Hi Alona! Great choice – those colors are awesome! Let me know if you have any questions on sizing :)

  11. Marilyn Nawara Avatar
    Marilyn Nawara

    I would choose the black fruit bowl — would look great in my dining room.

    1. Hi Marilyn! Thanks for checking out our website! The bowls are incredible – I’m so impressed with the skill of our Artisan partners! So glad you like them :)

  12. Darlene Owen Avatar
    Darlene Owen

    If I won I would love the Zig-Zag Clutch, Black

    1. Hi Darlene! So glad you love the Zig Zag Clutches We just sold out of the black, but we have some blue and brown still available! Thanks so much for checking out our shop!

  13. abigail Avatar

    I LOVE the Amboseli Tote! The Pencil skirts are amazing too.

    1. Hi Abigail! Yes! The Amboseli Tote is fabulous! I’m so excited about it – and so glad you are too!! Let me know if you have any questions about sizing on the skirts :)

  14. Mary Beth Elderton Avatar
    Mary Beth Elderton

    I love the Amboseli Tote! I have sort of a thing for carrying a small purse and a large tote…survival :)

    1. Hi Mary Beth! Lol – yes – I also have a thing for bags – and this tote is fab! So much room but also really lightweight since it is canvas. Win-win :) Thanks for checking out our shop!

  15. Sarah Hayes Avatar
    Sarah Hayes

    I like the Extra Small Beaded Hoops, Turquoise

    1. Thanks, Sarah! We just got these in, and have already had a great response! So glad you like them! Thanks for checking out our shop :)

  16. Heather Hollands Avatar
    Heather Hollands

    I would pick that gorgeous knot necklace made in Tanzania. My family sponsors a sweet child in Tanzania, We hope to meet Omari some day!

    1. Hi Heather! I love that you sponsor a child in Tanzania – I do too, and meeting her was definitely one of the most memorable experiences. I hope you get to meet sweet Omari! Thanks for checking out our shop – so glad you love the Knot Necklace – I really love the design!

  17. Cathleen King Avatar
    Cathleen King

    I like the Single Bar Bracelet.

    1. Thank you, Cathleen! I absolutely love this dainty bracelet – and we just got in necklaces with the same design! Thanks for checking out our shop!

  18. Amber Ludwig Avatar
    Amber Ludwig

    Oh I love the Moshi Tote! But seriously everything on there is gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, Amber!! I love the fabrics the Moshi Tote comes in this season – so hard to pick my favorite :) Thanks for checking out our shop!

  19. Penni Avatar

    I’d buy the Large Gray Monochrome Bowl! Love it!

    1. Thanks, Penni! So glad you love the bowl! The artistry of these hand-woven baskets/bowls is incredible! Thanks for checking out our shop!

  20. Courtney Hennagir Avatar
    Courtney Hennagir

    I really love the purple Dorice pencil skirt! The wall hangings are gorgeous too!

    1. Thank you, Courtney! So glad you found some things you like! Thanks for checking out our shop too :)

  21. Fiona N Avatar
    Fiona N

    I love the Large Fruit Bowl
    Thank You for the chance!

    1. Thank you, Fiona! I love that fruit bowl too – great choice! Thanks for checking out our shop!

  22. Thank you all for your kind words!! I can’t wait to see who wins! We’d love for you to come follow along with us on Instagram at @zuricollection_! xo

  23. Amy C. Avatar
    Amy C.

    I would pick up a couple of the Maasai Wine Glasses.

  24. Michelle C Avatar
    Michelle C

    I love the Extra Small Beaded Hoops, Orange! The turquoise ones are nice too!

  25. I would love the black zig zag Zuri collection.

    XOXO –Hello Ashley Suzanne

  26. Tara Peterson Avatar
    Tara Peterson

    I love all the beautiful jewelry. The bracelets are my favorite!

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