Gorgeous flowers that last a lifetime from NovelExpressions + a giveaway!

We’re excited to share NovelExpression with you today! Tiffany has always been very particular when it comes to decorating her home, so when it came time to plan her wedding, she wanted to find something that matched the bridesmaids dresses and other decor she had in mind.


Tiffany was not a big fan of the look of silk flowers and real flowers only last so long. So, when she found wooden flower bouquets after doing much research on flower options she was so excited! As she got ready to place an order, Tiffany saw none of the companies that made wooden flower bouquets offered custom options or matching of color swatches. Disappointed, she set out to learn how to arrange, color and create designs for beautiful forever bouquets flowers that actually matched the colors and combinations she wanted. From her learnings she wanted to start offering those custom options to other brides to be and help people decorate their homes with matching colors too!
Paper flowers, sola flowers, birch wood flowers, book pages, maps, comic books and all sorts of natural accents adorn the bouquets and decor at NovelExpression. Bouquets can even be scented with our favorite smells such as lavender, lilac, jasmine, mint and rose too.
Each flower arrangement at NovelExpression is a true labor of love.   NovelExpression3

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26 responses to “Gorgeous flowers that last a lifetime from NovelExpressions + a giveaway!”

  1. Dandi D Avatar
    Dandi D

    They are all so pretty, but this is one of my favorites: READY TO SHIP Bouquet – Red, Silver and Grey Decor – Wooden Flower Bouquet – Sola Flower Bouquet – Wedding Flowers – Home Decor – Elopement.

  2. Austenne Avatar

    I would totally grab a bouquet in a vase!! Beautiful!!

  3. Nancy Avatar

    If I win, I might get this one: Blue, Beige & Grey Wooden Flower Bouquet .

  4. I love the book-page-flower-centerpiece. It would be awesome
    for my book discussion meeting.

  5. Amy C. Avatar
    Amy C.

    I would choose the beautiful flower box filled with bright, spring-colored flowers.

  6. Sheri Anderson Avatar
    Sheri Anderson

    Really love the Pink and Sage Book Page Wooden Flower Bouquet, but all are so pretty!

  7. Loooooove boss babe!

  8. Rust Avatar

    Their bags are nice too! Love the upcycled backpack, canvas backpack, very unique.

  9. Penni Avatar

    Love the Spring Rose Floral Bouquet and the Coral & Mint Wooden Flower Bouquet! I’d have to get one of each!

  10. katherine Avatar

    Coral And Mint Wooden Flower Bouquet – Sola Flower Bouquet – Wedding – Bridesmaid – Home Decor – Novelty Gifts – Bellini My daughters wedding collors

  11. Tina M Avatar
    Tina M

    I like the Blue, Beige & Grey Wooden Flower Bouquet and the LOVE sign

  12. Patti Avatar

    I like the Love Wood Sign!

  13. Amber Ludwig Avatar
    Amber Ludwig

    I LOVE this bouquet!! https://www.etsy.com/listing/512362979/spring-book-pages-blue-flower-bouquet?ref=shop_home_active_9 Its so pretty and would match my room perfectly!

  14. Ashley Avatar

    Book Page Flower Centerpiece – Blue and Navy

  15. Cathleen King Avatar
    Cathleen King

    I like Red And Black Wooden Flower Bouquet – Sola Flower Bouquet – Wedding – Bridesmaid – Home Decor.

  16. Stephanie M Avatar
    Stephanie M

    theyre all gorgeous but i think id choose the Flower girl kissing ball for my best friends wedding coming up.

  17. alona y Avatar
    alona y

    I’d love to get the Pink Blush, Grey and Purple Book Page Wooden Flower Bouquet for myself and another bouquet for my sister.

  18. Tiffany Schmidt Avatar
    Tiffany Schmidt

    I love the book pinwheels and maybe a kissing ball, as it would look great hanging in my sunroom!

  19. abigail Avatar

    I love the turquoise and pink bouquet with the book page flowers!

  20. Courtney Hennagir Avatar
    Courtney Hennagir

    I really love the pink and turquoise bouquet! I love that you can pick scents for your bouquets too!

  21. Laurie Nykaza Avatar
    Laurie Nykaza

    Custom Color Forever Photo Sign – Wedding Sign – Wooden Flower Box – Sign In Table Decorations – Wooden Flowers – 8×12 – 3.5 Square Frame so pretty

  22. Laura Avatar

    My favorite is the spring rose bouquet!

  23. laurie murley Avatar
    laurie murley

    I really like the Custom Color Forever Sign – Wedding Sign – Wooden Flower Box – Sign In Table Decorations – Wedding – Wooden Flowers – Bridal Shower Decor

  24. Sarah Hayes Avatar
    Sarah Hayes

    I really like the spring rose flower bouquet.

  25. Angela Saver Avatar
    Angela Saver

    I would grab two of the Red Winter Decor – Wooden Flower Bouquet – Sola Flower Bouquet – Wedding Flowers – Red and White – Home Decor – Wooden Flowers – Snow Decor to decorate our house!

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