Therapy for Moms started in early 2015 to create a sense of belonging for moms everywhere. No matter where you are from the motherhood journey is quite similar for every mom. We all tend to go through the same stages, frustrations, emotions and thoughts as a mom. We don’t have to go through motherhood alone, so why not share these experiences both good and not so good with each other? In addition, we wanted moms to know that regardless of the day they had they were doing the best they could and they were strong enough to handle being a mother.


Our gift shop – Therapy for Moms Shoppe opened a year later with a similar mission. We wanted to make sure every mom felt loved, inspired and encouraged with every gift purchased. Moms love meaningful, unique gifts so we try to keep our line of products just that, one-of-a-kind.


From cute tees, to mugs with funny sayings, chic jewelry, to our latest item, the Therapy Boxes, all TFM Shoppe gifts are made just for a mom. Some are made to motivate and other gifts are made to make moms laugh.

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We strongly encourage moms to send gifts to their mom friends by including complimentary card and gift wrapping. It’s important we encourage one another as moms, we need all need it.


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