6 Activities Guaranteed To Get Your Kids Outside

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Warm weather is here, and if your family is anything like ours…..then you are craving some vitamin D.  After winter months and being cooped up inside, I’m dreaming of warm evenings outside and letting our daughter run wild and free.

Simple family activities are our favorite, and we’re sharing a couple of them today with y’all.  These six activities are perfect for warm weather, easy to arrange, and guaranteed to get your littles off those ipads and outdoors for some sunshine.

Eight Family Activities for Warm Weather Fun

1) Driveway Art Gallery: pull out that sidewalk chalk, move the cars, and let your kids draw all over the place.  It washes away easily and is good for hours of fun.

2) Lemonade Stand: Set up a good old fashioned lemonade stand.  Bonus? Donate the proceeds to your family’s favorite charity.

3) Neighborhood Stroll: Something about a walk as a family is good for the soul.  We pack up our favorite stuffed animals in our little red wagon, pour iced coffee for the adults and take a walk around the neighborhood each summer evening.  It’s the perfect end to the day.

4) Water Play: From infant to threenager, little kids love water play.  A water table for younger ones will provide hours of fun, and a great sprinkler toy is perfect for older kids. And infants? A plastic bin filled with a couple inches of water and some toys? PERFECT.

5) Teddy Bear Picnic: Warm summer mornings are perfect for backyard picnics.  We bring a blanket, toys, books and snacks outside and lounge for HOURS.

6) Summer Gardening: From infant to elementary school aged, kids love to garden.  Set up a planting area for your little gardener, and let them plant seeds before the summer hits!

Do you love to get your kiddos outside in the summer? What are YOUR favorite warm weather activities?



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