Beautiful hats from a business with heart – BluTaylor® Brand! + giveaway

Jamie Frayser Photography Dayton Newborn & Child Photographer

Katie is the Owner/Designer for BluTaylor® Brand and we are so excited to share more about her brand and team!
BluTaylor® Brand hats are their very own Patented design.
It all started when Katie’s youngest was born. She sat down on the couch with her daughter and like all newborn babies occasionally do, she threw up. In this case, she literally threw UP into her hat. It was the normal, generic hospital hat. It was plain and ugly but the only thing that fit her because she was so tiny.
Katie tried different hats on her and they just sat so strange on her head so she became a woman with a mission! After tweaking the designs, both the Vintage ruffle and the Classic bow, it was the beginning of the BluTaylor® designs!! Every hat is handmade with care to detail and every detail has a purpose. They have since expanded from just infants to sizes that range from Micro-Preemie to Women’s.
Jamie Frayser Photography Dayton Newborn & Child Photographer
BluTaylor® is also a Missional business. They have a heart for preemies. After spending some time in the NICU with her third child, Katie’s heart ached for moms and dads that spent so much time there with their preemies. So, to bless these families,BluTaylor®  gifts each girl with a free, custom‐fit hat of their choice. Parents of preemies just need to fill out a form on the website and their hat will be shipped to them as soon as possible.
Our Preemie Program is the meaning behind our name! For us, the color blue means hope. Blu // HOPE , Taylor // TAILOR‐MADE
Every hat is sewn with their signature blue thread regardless of the material. This symbolizes the hope that runs through every hat they make. It’s more than just a hat, it’s tailor‐made hope, or simply BluTaylor®.

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  1. Gladys says

    Beautiful products. I would love to get the vintage grey turban and also the classic bubble pink one.

  2. Lisa Coomer Queen says

    I would get the Classic Ballet Pink for sure! These are so dainty! Thanks!

  3. Amber Ludwig says

    I LOVE the LIMITED:ARBORETUM!! Seriously adorable!! I also love the Cargo one in womens!!

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