Delish Desserts!

Guest Post by Stephen Reynolds

Delish Desserts to Make This Christmas

‘Tis the season of indulgences, when otherwise disciplined dieters are confronted with epic displays of desserts that seem to span the whole length of December. Fighting the excess can mean overindulging at the worst possible moments – like the day before you’re scheduled to squeeze into your favorite LBD. The good news is a little extravagance can go a long way in the bleak midwinter.

No need to get excessive, of course. Choose wisely from among the many Christmastime temptations and you can enjoy taste after taste without worrying so much about your waist. Full fat (and protein packed) ultra rich treats are actually the smarter option because they truly satisfy your comfort food cravings, whereas low-fat fakery will leave you wanting – and likely eating – more.

The Rundown:

With that in mind, here are seven decadent Christmastime treats that will make you the celebrity guest at every holiday party:

Enjoy eggnog like you’ve never had it before. Martha’s own eggnog cups take this holiday standard and turn it on its head in luscious custard mini pies that manage to feel as light as they taste rich. If you’re already a whiz in the kitchen you may find yourself dreaming up infinite variations of these for fete after fete. But if you’re not, they need very little dressing up.

Prefer something more portable? There’s no need for forks when you get your red velvet fix with fudge. The cake has long been a southern classic – see Steel Magnolias – but the concept has made its way into everything from pancakes to hot chocolate and now a smooth, luxurious and delightfully crimson no cook fudge. It’s so easy to make you’ll be giving it away to avoid turning your kitchen into a confectionary.

Peanut butter cookies aren’t just for the kids’ table. They’re a great go-to for those of us who don’t exactly follow in Martha’s footsteps when it comes to kitchen wizardry. Quick, easy and best of all super easy to justify as wholesome, peanut butter cookies look impressive with the traditional crisscross pattern making them a picture perfect addition to the dessert table. Click here for some easy-to-make peanut butter cookies.

Now if you need to work dietary restrictions into your party planning, have no fear. There are scores of glorious vegan, gluten free and nut free ways to entice people back to the buffet after they’ve already stuffed themselves silly.

An egg and dairy free dark chocolate crème brulee is as luscious as can be while still being good for you thanks to the addition of tofu and you-won’t-believe-it’s-there avocado. The same goes for homemade peppermint patties, which are not only vegan but also gluten free and grain free. Slightly more complicated to make, maybe, but think of it as a gift you can give those friends usually stuck nibbling on dark chocolate while watching everyone else tuck into slices of some scrumptious pie.

But remember, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. Homemade gingerbread is easier to whip up than most people assume but still impressive whether presented as a lightly glazed loaf, in the form of a snow-swept house or traditional gingerbread cookies. And very few people have ever turned up their noses at a thick slice of warm apple pie topped with creamy vanilla bean ice cream!

When mapping out the dessert table for your own Christmas bash, go with your gut instead of trying too hard to impress. If you cook up a batch or two of what you love, the people who love you will love it, too.

Merry Christmas!

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