Spring + Summer Spruce Up!

I’ve noticed around my apartment {that’s almost fully furnished now} – that doing so in the Winter may have made an impact on my color choices. I totes have that seasonal depression thing (self diagnosed//lol). So now with the windows open, the sunlight + the warmer weather I am in need of some brightness in my living space. The grays + navys are just needing a break!

I’ve noticed that little things here and there can really make a difference. Just by adding some bright simple decor on a shelf, switching out a clear glass vase for a colored one, throwing down a simple bright throw rug where there wasn’t one before. All these simple things can make your home more unique and colorful! There’s no painting walls or tearing up floors involved – promise.

In decorating the pad I’ve discovered fab new companies, of course new Etsy favorites & then theres always my good ol’ Target addiction. Hope you enjoy some of my ideas + if you’re like me, kick that seasonal depression to the curb! ;)



For Starters:

Mimish Designs: Bean Bags with Storage, who woulda thought?! They also have an array of colors!


Michelle Dwight: Her Famous Pillow Cases + also offered in an array of colors!

My little bit of Target from the Nate Berkus Collection: Hemp Weave Tray in yellow!

And of course the Etsy love:

NashPop: Ceramic avocado green owl figurine

RagRudRoad: Hand Woven recycled fabric throw rug

Designs by Embellish: Aqua Blue Mason Jars {love using them for vases}

Snoogs & Wild: Pineapple Print – A watercolor!

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