One Deliciously Simple Guac Recipe!

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I am no chef – however I have been steppin’ my cookin’ game up these past couple months. I’ve tried so many different guacamole recipes and just didn’t seem to find the right one for me. That’s when I that realized I could just create my own…

What is so great about making your own guac is that you can follow a standard recipe, combine a few, or just really get a good understanding of the basic ingredients. This way you can adjust your guac to your personal taste buds. Let’s say ya aren’t big on garlic? Only use two cloves instead of three, or in my case…four (I’m a garlic lover).

Now of course on Pinterest you can find every good idea under the sun – one in particular that helped me in this process was mixing all your ingredients in a Ziploc bag, like DUH! {This helps with so many other dishes too!} Doing this makes the mashing, storing & whole process overall – neat & easy. 

I use the Ziploc quart size freezer bag because it is both durable and the perfect size for mixing all the ingredients! Just make sure to throw the avocado pits into the bag as well & get as much air out as possible {you won’t believe how fresh the guac will remain the next day}.

What you’ll need:
1/3 cup of red onion
1/3 cup chopped up tomato
3 chopped garlic cloves
2 ripe avocados (peeled) -save the pits!
Salt & pepper
1 lime
1 lemon


Now I say lemon, just in case you think there is too much lime flavor! And again, I am a lemon lover as well.

For the lime, I cut it in half and squeezed most of one half into the bag when I mixed everything else – the next day squeezed the rest of the lime in as well. For the salt ‘n peppa, it’s just for some added flavor! I gave the mix a good all over sprinkle of each. Trust your gut on those judgements :)


unnamed-1 unnamed-2

For my friends (who seem to all love spicy everything), I chopped up a few green chiles and threw those in the bag as well. Tip I learned being a new cook: use gloves when dealing with chiles otherwise they’ll burn your lil hands for days!!

Don’t forget you can add more or less of any ingredient to satisfy your taste buds!
Let us know if you enjoy my guac recipe – and let me know if you have any insight for us when making your favorite one!

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