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When it comes to holidays I tend to stress over the details. There are days of check lists, menus, schedules, and plans that I make in hopes of arranging the perfect atmosphere and the most treasured memories. Because everyone knows that anything worth doing is worth doing well, right?

That’s what I was told, what I grew up to believe. By no fault of my parents, I have long understood that phrase to mean, anything worthwhile is worth doing perfectly. And the logical conclusion to that mantra in my mind was, “If something is worth doing and one cannot do it perfectly, one should not even try because it will be a miserable failure and full of disappointment, heartache, and ruin.” 

So fear of failure and inconsistency has held me back from attempting so many things over the years. But I’m beginning to realize a whole new freedom, one that comes from understanding that “well” does not mean “perfect.” No “well” means attempted, experienced, lived. A wise older couple caught my attention by re-inventing the phrase as “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” Because if you wait to do it until it can be done perfectly, you won’t ever do it at all.

So that’s my theme for these next few months and for Thanksgiving. Instead of throwing out the idea of having a well decorated table because I can’t have it exactly the way I want, I’m going for simple, small, and seasonal. I bought fresh herbs for our turkey this year, and I thought it would be good use of the extra to tie a few sprigs in with the cloth napkins. Instead of pulling my hair out over arranging the perfect, most unique Thanksgiving tradition, I’m going with strips of brown paper bags for guests to record their thoughts of thanks throughout the meal. Sure, I saw it on Pinterest, and it’s not the most glamorous idea out there, but it’s something. It’s attempting. It’s living.

Here are just a few of the things I plan to record on my thankfulness brown paper list this Thanksgiving:

//freedom from fear


//visiting family

//my camera


Don’t let the pursuit of perfect let you miss out on the enjoyment of the good.

Let thanks overflow as simplicity and contentment dwell in your home this Thanksgiving.

Much love from Susanna at {Re}visionary Life


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