Happy Valentine’s Day To Me!

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and this year ladies, I think we should buy ourselves a Valentine’s Day gift!  We deserve it!  So I’ve put together a list of cute items that I thought could brighten our days with a little self love.


1)      A Heart Stud Belt – this belt is so cute and will put a little love into any outfit.  Wear it with  your favorite pair of jeans and a cute tee and you’ll be the sweetest of all sweethearts.

2)      Heart Glasses – this spring is all about statement glasses, and these definitely fit the bill.  Super chic with a touch of humor, if you really want to make a statement,  they’ll make any outfit look great!

3)      Red Touch Tip Gloves- these adorable gloves are incredibly soft and have touch tips so you don’t have to take them off when you need to use your touch screen!  Genius!

4)      Pink Ruffle Pencil Dress – you’ll turn heads wearing this adorable pink dress, and the sleek ruffles down the side are another big trend for spring.  Pair it with some subtle patterned stockings and great heels, and you’ll be the belle of the ball!

5)      Marc Jacobs Heart Scarf – this heart scarf is so sweet and just oozes love with all the adorable hearts.  Feeling like your outfit is a little drab?  A gorgeous statement scarf always adds pizzazz.

6)      Sidewalk Skimmers – bright flats always look great and add personality to an outfit.  Jeans, tee, blazer and your bright flats – you’ll look put together in just seconds.

7)      Arrow and Heart Bracelet – I love this bracelet, and it would look cute with anything.  Buy it for yourself and wear it every day to remind yourself that you’re amazing!

8)      Vivienne Westwood Kiss Earrings – these are pretty hilarious and perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you’re feeling a little silly.  Want to make people smile all day?  Then definitely wear these earrings – you’ll be smiling too!

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