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I’m going to tell you guys something that you probably already know: I’m from Minnesota - which is essentially a frigid tundra from December through March. Sometimes even longer than that. We get a lot of snow up here and my hubby owns a snow related business, so I consider myself to be a bit of an expert when it comes to stylish winter gear. So I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Hunter boots are seriously the best winter boots you can buy. And here’s why.

Hunter Regent Grosvenor Boot – Buy Here!

They’re stylish. You can’t deny that these boots have come a long way from just your average wellies. Hunter has tons of styles, textures and little details that make them stand out from the crowd. From flat boots to wedges, buttons to buckles: you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a pair that goes with your winter wardrobe.

Hunter Allayna Boot – Buy Here!

They’re waterproof. So many women love regular Uggs because they’re warm and cozy on a cold winter day. Which is true – Uggs are great for cold weather. The only problem is that they’re not waterproof. Which means after a while in the snow – or a minute in slushy weather – your feet are freezing cold and wet. And it takes HOURS for them to dry out. Hunter boots are totally waterproof, which means your feet stay nice and dry. Which translates to nice and toasty warm.

They last forever. Investing in a pair of Hunter boots will run you about the same price as a lot of other name brand winter boots on the market. The difference is that they last forever. That waterproof material that they’re constructed with makes them basically impermeable to the elements. Which means you probably won’t need a new pair until you decide you want a new style!

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